Chasing After Heaven

What’s your greatest memories?…I know for me, it was when I was laughing with friends, being chased in the yard by my dog, going on exciting vacations, and of course the unforgettable moments being in love. Unfortunately, many of those wonderful memories fade or become tainted by the storms of life. The innocent bliss we shared in our youth has a bitter-sweet taste now, as the friends we thought would never leave us go their separate ways, and our favorite pets, we soon realized, don’t live forever. We break up, we fall down, we lose loved ones and those many happy memories become only a reminder of a world we once knew, and can never return to…Good Times 021

Happy moments are tastes of heaven in a world ruled by darkness. Can you imagine happiness without an expiration date? I struggle with it, so does the world. That is why we see people asking the question of whether we would get “bored” in heaven. In your happiest moments were you bored? No way right? We can’t even imagine the joy of heaven. God in his majesty has always existed, no one created him! And he has never been bored! And his joy? It is so great that he wanted to share it with others. Like a loving couple longing to have children to share their great love with…all this life, is building up to the great celebration, NOT the great destruction, as the world would have us Christians believe. We belong to heaven, not the world, which is awaiting its demise. Our excitement should be building! Our joy increasing! We should not fear death because in that moment when we die we actually come fully alive, reap our reward, and see Jesus face-to-face.

I believe the fear of death stems from the fear of the unknown, and the fear of leaving the world (family/friends) behind. To the majority those sound like rational fears, but as people of Faith we need to start living as though Christ were coming today! If he came today would you be ready? would you let go of the world and chase after heaven? A particular verse comes to mind, “he who loves his life loses it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” (John 12:25) We should hate our lives in comparison to our love for God, that goes for our spouse/family/and friends as well. If we truly long for God more than we long for the world, death will lose its sting.

So how great is heaven? Well, knowing we won’t ever get bored or feel pain again, it sounds pretty amazing! It seems the more I draw to God, the more I see greatest memories now I must say, are the moments when he’s talking to me, whether it be directly or through a messenger, through words or emotion. It makes me long for heaven in those moments when I get to see a glimpse of him, I want to know him more.

You know, I don’t believe any religion has the power to bring a man to his knees (literally), with tears in his eyes, hands raised, and heart aching for another world…that power only comes from the love of God. When we realize we have a home, and it isn’t a broken home, or an abusive one…it’s a heavenly home that we have belonged to before we were ever born..why else did Christ say, “I’m going to prepare a place for you..” (John 14:3) Our God is working excitedly, creating things for you! Like a father preparing his new baby’s room, he rushes to put the crib together, he crafts toys in his workshop, so excited to see your face light up when you see them. When the rooms completed he keeps pausing when he walks by, his face beaming at the very thought of you living with him. That’s our daddy! That’s our home!



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