Born To Fly


“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

-Isaiah 40:31


Why did God create creatures that fly? Was it just to amaze us, or was it to show us that anything is possible with Him? When mankind first saw a bird take flight, its wings lifting it effortlessly into the sky, a thought, a dream, rose from within that asked, “why can’t I?”

Today that same sky is streaked with lines from airplanes and jets. But we didn’t stop there. Beyond the sky, we saw the moon and stars and we decided that if we could conquer the sky, we could surely reach a little higher. And today, after men stepped foot on the moon and have even lived in a space station, we are still reaching. What’s beyond that? What is beyond our universe?

I believe that God placed things within sight in the hopes that we would challenge ourselves and dare to reach. When we wonder about God, we are reaching! Reaching into His heart, hoping to discover more. Maybe space isn’t the final frontier…maybe it’s the heart of God we should be striving to know, to explore and uncover. He is so multi-faceted and all-knowing, there is much of Him still unknown to us, much we couldn’t even fathom. And yet, just like the birds, moon, and stars, He has placed Himself within reach, are we desperate enough to stretch, or are we content being earthbound?

I’m afraid of heights, but I love the view from the top. Thing’s become clearer, you see a bigger picture and it’s so beautiful that it takes your breath away. Sometimes it can be scary, reaching into someone generally involves being vulnerable yourself. But then you discover who they really are, their dreams and passions, and a new level of intimacy and understanding wells up in your soul and you let go of your fears and continue to climb, eager to discover more.

Marriage is full of discovery. You begin to climb the mountain of understanding the moment you start dating. You navigate your way past their walls and learn the best ways to speak and connect with them. You marry him/her and believe that you have hit the top of the mountain, looking at the beautiful sight that is uniquely them and now uniquely you but then reality sets in, you discover that there is more climbing to do, some areas steep, some rugged, and the top looks as though it goes into the heavens, this is when the real “I Do” comes in but sounds more like, “I Will.” Will you keep climbing for the rest of your life, discovering, learning, and growing closer to your spouse? Will you stagnate, staking a tent and deciding you’re fine right here even if he/she isn’t? Or will you descend thinking, the next mountain won’t be so tall or complicated?

This concept applies to God. You know, we all have as much of Him as we want. When we look at the Greats, the people that are renown prophets, evangelists, or even martyrs we think to ourselves, “God called them to do more for him.” or “He gifted them and chose them to do those things.” The truth? We all have a great destiny, we are all called to be great, to conquer and reign in power. We aren’t qualified, our yes to God qualifies us! And God will call on those who hear Him, those who can be trusted with more. What is He calling you to? What is holding you back?

We were born to fly

You and I

Past the known and charted skies

To the long-awaited prize

Spread your wings

And start to fly

Don’t fear the shrinking world go by

Your real home is very high

What’s gone is past, now say goodbye

We were born to fly

You and I



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