Kingdom of Dreams


Dreams, they can be manifestations of our deepest fears or worries, they can be fun-filled escapes from reality, and they can be an open window into another reality and it’s truths.

As Christians, we believe in an often unseen reality, though not entirely. God has placed us in a realm where physical and spiritual can combine, or even cross. We see this in visual healings and signs, as well as visions and words of knowledge while we are awake. However, when we sleep in this reality, our Spirit remains awake. Prophetic dreams are quite possible, as well as dreams from our own spirit and it’s longings. And lastly, nightmares, demonic influences that try to steal our peace in a world they can twist with fear. But our authority over such forces remains with us when we are having such a dream. We can influence our dreams and take control of them the same way we learn to control our emotional responses when we are awake.

Don’t truly believe in prophetic dreams? I wasn’t sure I believed either until a few years ago. My husband, Aaron, never had dreams. Sometimes he would vaguely remember seeing or feeling something but it would slip through his fingers. Something had greatly unsettled him though. For the first time, he remembered a dream he had, and not just once. The dream repeated itself three times.

He told me that in the dream we were pulling up the driveway at my parent’s house, and standing by my parent’s living room window, peering in, was the angel of death. Aaron said he was dark and cloaked and was looking through as if searching for something. The angel would go to turn and look at us and Aaron would wake up, unable to identify a face in the darkness. This reoccurring dream unsettled Aaron so much that he called me and asked if I was alright (at the time we were engaged). I would reassure him we were fine and would forget his concerns.

Then it happened. I was outside studying notes for my college exams and I heard my mom scream for me. I ran into the house and saw my dad, who was previously watching tv, on the floor unconscious. I don’t want to go into details, but my dad’s heart had stopped. We administered CPR and a few times he took a breath. I begged God to do something I could not. After an eternity the ambulance came and shocked my dad back to life. Today he is well and alive, undamaged by the events of his sudden cardiac arrest. The CPR saved him, the doctors told us, but I believe God heard my prayers and death had to leave.

I didn’t think about Aaron’s dreams until things had calmed down. I understood then why the angel of death was peering through the windows, waiting. He was waiting to see if he was needed. God told Him no. After that, I became a firm believer in prophetic dreams. Not all dreams are prophetic, and not all prophetic dreams are warnings…some are revelations of God’s heart, others are symbolic. If you aren’t sure, write them all down…remember your dreams and something may reveal their meanings. I don’t know all the answers, but I know that every possibility should be looked into and taken seriously. God speaks to us in many ways, generally not in human ways as he isn’t human. Sometimes dreams are the only way he can reach us, for those who are always busy and in a rush in the waking world. When we sleep we have to listen.

I had a dream the other night that may have some meaning, let me share it with you:

I was in a pit, dark and deep with many people. They were my friends. I could see a beautiful kingdom on a brightly lit hill from inside the pit. After a time I turned and saw everyone in the pit had fallen to their knees in fear and sorrow. I was suddenly pulled out of the pit and placed in the kingdom. I was surrounded by the Kingsmen and the king himself approached me. “You are the only one who didn’t bow”, he said. I feared punishment but to my surprise, he smiled and shook my hand. You will be allowed to feast in my tavern whenever you like. The scene changed and I was in the tavern. Eating hamburgers and fries and sandwiches. Every day I ate dinner in the tavern and the king sometimes ate with me. My friends in the pit were freed but had to live as peasants, unallowed to eat at the tavern.

However, as time passed they snuck into the tavern and ate while I was there eating. They mocked me and in jealousy, they ate and drank their fill. I never said a word but felt sorrow. One day they came and trashed the place. They left and I tried to clean the place but the king walked in and found me. He asked me why my friends had been there,  and I lied to him, wanting to protect them. “They aren’t being fed enough sir, they come in here to have a decent meal so they can work harder for your kingdom.” The king suddenly pushed me, I fell to the floor in amazement. I had grown so close to him I thought I was his friend and equal. To my horror, he reminded me that I was nothing of the sort. I was beaten to a pulp and left on the floor, reminded of the king who had left us in a pit without mercy.

I woke up after this and thought about the dream all day. What did it mean? Prophetic dreams are often just as odd. Odd as in they have nothing to do with what you were thinking or watching before you fell asleep. They are dreams that are uncommon and out of character for you to dream about. So far, I have surmised some of the meaning behind the dream. My friends who bowed, I believe symbolize the religious spirit and Christians who are not fully submitted to God, but to their beliefs about Him. When persecutions come, it is those superficial image oriented Christians that fall away, submitting to their fears. The ones who stay standing? Those are the true followers of Christ, persecution doesn’t bend them, if anything, they stand straighter and stronger. When blessings come to those Christians that persevered the ones that failed become jealous and anguished, still believing that their religion is right and justified by their good deeds. It is the religious spirit that condemns and judges others. Like the Pharisees of the day they long to destroy the true mirrors of Jesus. And so they turn against their brothers, destroying their blessings in what they feel is a right response.

As for the king, I don’t know who he is, but I know what he is not. He isn’t God in this story and he isn’t a friend. I believe he is symbolic of fear, persecution, power, and authority. It was God who gave me good graces with the king, but in the end, I made the fatal mistake of forgetting that the king wasn’t who had blessed me. I also didn’t honor the king. Though the king was bad, he was still in a position of power and I abused it by not only letting others take his food that didn’t have his permission but lied to him when he asked for the truth. I felt pity and guilt because of my friend’s jealousy. When in all honesty, they could have stood by my side and received the same blessing.

Don’t we do this all the time? We condemn the rich because of jealousy, we applaud only meekly when we see others achieve great things and receive outpourings of blessings…where is the honor in that? Our society is trying to tell us that it’s impossible to lose and wrong to win! This isn’t the blueprint for the kingdom of heaven. There are blessings and crowns for those who are martyrs and who were faithful. Levels of blessings and promotions. I believe there are also levels of hell and punishment. Our God justly gives and takes away. He is on the judgment seat, though he is merciful.

This is just one of many dreams I’ve had, I will share more later on, but for now, I just encourage you to take these dreams as a testimony that maybe there is more happening than simply the brain running its courses and what you ate before you dozed off. It’s a possibility that is worth putting trust in, worth pursuing, worth writing down. We all have a kingdom of dreams to uncover, revelations, warnings, stories from God to you.


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