What Remains


Flimsy papers start to fray

Bindings come undone

Words though written in fine ink

Fade quickly in the sun

Books, strewn across the floor

Are strewn farthest in the mind

And like the many stories told

They lose their voice in time.

But there is one such story

That resides not in the mind

It’s pages never come to rot

its words don’t lose their shine.

It’s binding is its very core

Held tight by sacrifice.

This story is our story

And all stories intertwined

Its voice is hope, love, and truth

Drawing people near

It will not be forgotten

Not now nor coming years

This book lives in our hearts

A treasure from God Most High

A promise, a gift, a future

Given to mankind

There is no story greater

In this world, we call decay

Though many stories turn to dust

This is what remains.




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