Our Anniversary


Four Years

Four years together

Sharing life as one

Life is so much better

This journey is so fun!

I love to hear your laughter

Will do anything for your smile

And through it all

I can’t believe 

Four years have passed me by.

You see, time just passes faster

When you’re here by my side

Maybe it’s the love we share

That grows with each sunrise

I can’t imagine life without

Your loving hand in mine.

four years, or forty-five

makes no difference in our eyes.

My heart is yours forever

I’m so blessed to be your wife.

Aaron, without you, I wouldn’t be who I am today. The woman who is confident in herself, able to be flexible and change. I wouldn’t be living in a house in the country, with a big dog and huge yard. I wouldn’t be much closer to God because let’s face it, without you to push me, guide me, and awaken my passion, I would still be stuck in a lot of ways. I’d still be that shy little girl that I was when you met me. And yet, you chose me, just as I was and here we are four years into marriage and yet many years into a friendship that has molded us into an inseparable team.

I wouldn’t change a thing… I could go on an adventure, live out my dreams…and yet I would truly miss out on what it feels like to share them with you. You have become a part of me, so much so that I can’t truly experience something new without you beside me, experiencing it too. How blessed I am to be on this journey with you, every step of the way. I love you more than words describe.

God, we owe it all to you, every good and perfect thing. Every blessing is from you and you have blessed us immensely. You are the center of our marriage always, just as you have always been our passion. Through our chasing after your heart, we came to love each other, to see each other as you see us. Thank you, Father, for these four years and many more.

Love Riley


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