God of Miracles


“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.”

-Psalm 139:14

Every week at church we recite this phrase, “all the time, God is good.” I watch as many people declare this over their lives, not knowing the power behind such declarations. They don’t even have to believe what they are saying is true, the fact is, it will become true to them in time. Our words have power and influence over things seen and unseen, I have seen this become reality, have heard testimonies of miracles because someone refused to back down from the truth. God is Good.

Recently, I’ve felt rather down-heartened. It seems everyone is getting incurable illnesses, dying in freak accidents, undergoing trauma no one should go through. I pray for each occurrence as it reaches my ears and then go about my day not altogether sure my prayers made a difference.  It isn’t that I haven’t seen my prayers answered before, in fact, it’s moments like this that my passion for healing is heightened. I must believe in God’s goodness, without this one belief, there would be nothing. No point behind all this pain and suffering, it would be a waste. I refuse to accept that our struggles are a waste, that we labor in vain. It is this unwavering feeling that assures me that there must be an answer, a purpose, and a hope for restoration.

When we first speak that truth over our lives, “God is good,” something happens…like any Word that we try to place in our heart, satan comes. He comes to attack that Word, that truth before it can become a part of us. He isn’t just the father of lies, but a thief. Every Word is tested, and can only be accepted as truth when it becomes truth in us. I could tell a blind man that the sky is blue, but that would not be a truth to him until he saw that same sky for himself.

I have seen God’s goodness. He saved my life when I could have fallen out of a ride at an amusement park (the seatbelt was broke), He saved me and my mom’s life when a semi hit our car (the steering wheel twisted away just in time), He saved my dad’s life twice (His heart had stopped), and these are just a few times…

The greatest thing God has done in my life is bring me up in a relationship with Him. I’ve never known a life without Him. My dad grew up a Jehovah’s witness and my mom had grown up as a Catholic, but when they had me, they had both became born-again Christians and decided to go to church.  And so my earliest memories are that of worship and Bible lessons, the excitement of going to church and seeing my friends and church family. That same family is with me today, 23 years later. God is Good.

So, God has been Good, but what about the “all the time…” part? Well, if you accept the Bible as truth, it says in Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Jesus is God in the flesh and our High priest. He never once turned someone away who asked for healing, never cast aside His disciples, and always had compassion for the lost, jew and gentile alike. This truth isn’t a hard one for me, although I have changed in many ways since I was little, never have I changed my heart. I’ve always been compassionate towards others, I’ve always had a heart for people. Do I love perfectly? No way, but at my core, I know what I care about, what I value. And so I have always loved God, and have never let my anger or confusion turn my heart against Him.

I don’t say this to promote myself, I am nothing without God. He first loved me. He first loved you. But we must hear and accept the whole truth, “ALL the time…God IS Good.” And so now, when I find myself in moments that seem hopeless…I recite this. In moments when I feel my prayers aren’t heard…I recite this. On those days when it’s like the rain won’t stop falling…I recite this. When I’m angry and so full of despair that I have no words to say, I will find the strength to recite this. Because it is truth, and it is hope, and it is love. And I would die for all of these, because God is Good and satan will not take this from me, and he has no right to try and take this from you!

I know this post is titled God of Miracles. That title is actually a song I would like to share with you. The song was written by Chris Quilala, a Christian musician and worship leader from the Jesus Culture band. He wrote this song when his newborn baby died. I want you to listen to the lyrics with this in mind. Chris had lost someone so precious to him, someone, who would never grow to know him, memories that would never be shared. He had prayed and nothing had happened. All his life he had heard and believed that God does miracles….that truth didn’t change for Chris, even as he held his baby. The fact is, this belief was tested in Chris, and it came out all the stronger. My God is the God of Miracles! Our enemy is satan, and when we are sure in who Christ is, who God is! then there is NOTHING satan can do!

All the time, God is Good. 


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