Star Trek: Quotes


If you kill them they may become martyrs. If they become martyrs you won’t be able to silence them.”

-William T. Riker

There are times when the existence of God becomes more clear, more definite. He isn’t only found in the masterpiece of creation but can be plainly seen in the heart of mankind. Though we have fallen into sin and destruction, hope isn’t lost, and the very core of our being remains God breathed life. Maybe even a desire to become more than what we are. Watching the news all the time will blind us all to the good that is still at work. The world is full of beauty and love put into action, to find it we need only look for it. In other words, we see what we want to see, what we look for we find.

You won’t discover a single animal willing to die for a belief. And yet humans have been known to give up their lives as a sacrifice for what they believe is greater than themselves. Soldiers die to protect freedom, a freedom we often take for granted. Many have given their lives to protect others, risking their lives for justice. It all tends to make me think about what I would die for. Would I die for my faith? Could I become a martyr?

I agree with what Commander Riker said, the moment someone finds something worthy enough to die for, it says something to everyone else. Suddenly they find that something valuable too. People may ignore this feeling, but I believe that we still place value on something based on what has been sacrificed for it. The more blood that was spilled, the more we take notice and protect that which has been protected.

We even glorify this concept. Watch any movie where the hero dies for his beliefs and you will almost feel that same passion stir within you. Movies like Braveheart. It’s as if death becomes a victory, a defining moment, and not the end of their legacy but the beginning.

But what about the Christian martyrs? We honor soldiers who died for our freedom, but do we truly honor those who died for our faith? Those who put everything into what they believed and hoped for? I really advise you to read Jesus Freaks by DC Talk, It’s a culmination of stories about those who gave up their lives for Jesus. Their voices won’t be silenced, even if the world tries to ignore them. Death for us shouldn’t be defeat, Jesus died and rose again, defeating death’s sting. Death for us now means eternity, but how we die is important. We can die as we are, displaying our love as Christ’s followers, or we can die in fear and resentment, clinging desperately to this life even if it means denouncing all that we believed in. The difference is significant. Satan stands defeated but we all have been given the chance to defeat him ourselves. To defeat our flesh and sin and choose Christ.

To die for Him is the ultimate sacrifice.

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”-Philippians 1:21




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