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Hello everyone! Hope you had a great Easter!

What a privilege it was to worship Jesus Friday and Sunday and see new faces at our church, it is my prayer that they received peace, joy, and love as they remembered the cross. Another privilege this Easter was relaxing with friends and family and watching these two amazing films that I would like to share about with you today.

The first movie I watched on Netflix, called The Case For Christ, is based on a true story by Lee Strobel, a former Atheist turned to Christian after doing an in-depth search for truth. This movie looks into the topic of faith and proves that regardless of belief we all have faith in something, and even require faith to fill in the gaps of our understanding. The truth is we will never know all the answers to everything, but we can gather enough evidence to support the existence of God and Jesus.

Dr. Craig: Lee, do you want to know the truth, or is your mind already made up?… When is enough evidence enough evidence?

Some of the facts that Lee discovers completely shut down his arguments and debates. And soon he is left with a choice, to believe or not. This movie truly is amazing, for both believers and those who are still uncertain.

The second movie truly left me speechless. I Can Only Imagine is the story behind the famous song by Bart Millard. A story of forgiveness and following your dreams. God is the ultimate redeemer and this song was birthed from that redemption. You become immersed in the story as Bart grows up under an abusive father who loves to shatter Bart’s dreams and confidence. As time moves on, Bart learns he can sing and that dream is put to the test as he struggles to make it in the music business with his band, Mercy Me. Unfortunatley, the past he left behind seems to follow him, and he comes to the conclusion that he must go back home and face his father. It is there that God does something amazing, and through that miracle, Bart writes this beautiful song.

Both of these movies are based off true stories and are testimonies to the goodness of God. I highly recommend them to anyone who is hungry for more passion and zeal for Christ.

God bless you all! Thank you for reading!



9 thoughts on “Movie Reviews

  1. Okay Riley it’s Aunt Mel, we should all go see God’s Not Dead together. Do you work Thursday mornings? I do BSF ( Bible Study Fellowship ) at Cornerstone Alliance Church on RT 4 South. It runs from 9:10-11:20 and wondered if you would like to join. It’s almost over for this year but you can register for next year. By the way I can not wait to go see I can only imagine and I think we watched the Netflix movie at my mom’s last weekend

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  2. Oh I loved watching The case for Christ, read the books years ago so it was great seeing it come to life. Especially his prayer at the end.

    I recently went and saw Paul the apostle, have you seen that?

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