My Lucy

my lucy


Lucy, Lucy where are you going?

Called the great Aslan to me

I turned in delight at His glorious sight

And He smiled back at me.

Aslan! Aslan! I’ve been looking for you

Following your paw prints, you see?

I pointed and placed my hand  in His mane

And He wrapped His paws around me

Lucy, my Lucy, I’ve never left you

My footsteps appeared by your feet

I turned and I noticed for the very first time

His paws walked in stride beside me

Aslan, O Aslan, how did I forget?

It’s a great and terrible thing!

I knelt and I wept but my tears never fell

For with one lick, my face was clean

Lucy, dear Lucy, why are you crying?

I hold no anger towards thee

He laughed and He danced

And Narnia joined in

As we played and splashed by the sea

Aslan! Great Aslan! I love you so

“I know,” He replied to me

Lucy, my Lucy, remember this

You love because I first loved thee.




5 thoughts on “My Lucy

  1. Oh so very beautiful. Aslan, Lucy, and Narnia brings up such feelings of adventure, warmth, faith, commitment, and love. I so fondly remember those days we visited Narnia when my son was young, and how much time we spent in those utterly fantastic stories. Even though my son is a full grown man, I still like to visit Narnia occasionally. And, I still have all of these wonderful CS Lewis books on CD. Thank you for this very wonderful post!

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    1. Thanks for sharing 😊 this is my first time reading all the series and I completely agree, they bring you even deeper into the heart of God. I love the relationship between Lucy and Aslan the most, she’s just so innocent and pure and always knows that Aslan is good. Thank you again! God bless

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