#1 Fan


It’s that time of year again, when families crowd around a tv screen with Football jerseys and chicken wings, cheering and shouting as their favorite team scores. At the stadium people become even more excited, with painted faces (or stomachs), waving #1 fan signs and screaming until their voices grow hoarse.

It’s a good time, but I’ve often discovered that it can also be an obsession. Just say the phrase, “It’s just a game,” and see what kind of response you get. I’m not saying that it is wrong to be competitive or momentarily caught up in the joy of seeing your favorite team win, but what does concern me is how often and how easily we become #1 fans of things that ultimately don’t matter.

Let me put it this way, lately, Aaron and I have been trying the Keto diet, and the results have been great! We have easily become #1 fans of this diet, so much so that we end up talking about it to everyone. It’s exciting and fulfilling sharing the “good news” of Keto, and it’s very easy. Aaron and I have enough knowledge under our belt that we are ready with a reply to any question someone asks, and by the end of the conversation, we have most people convinced or converted to the Keto way.

Does this scenario sound uncomfortably familiar? Good, it did to me also. I was sitting at a restaurant, listening to Aaron talk about Keto with our church friends and realized that it was too natural. He spoke with passion and excitement, just like I do when I talk about Star Trek. Have we really forgotten what it’s like to be #1 fans of Jesus? Shouldn’t we be sharing that good news a bit more often? Shouldn’t we be excited to share our faith and find it natural, with replies ready on our lips to any question?

Maybe I am being harsh, or maybe not. At least, I feel convicted by how often we talk and think about things that aren’t God-centered. There’s nothing wrong with interests or hobbies, things that we enjoy and love. The problem occurs when those things take precedence over God. There is only one throne room in our heart, and if He isn’t sitting there then something else always is. We are creatures of worship, fashioned in such a way to give glory and praise to God. And it is an easy pitfall for us to worship other things, look how often it happened in the Bible. Idol worship back then makes us cringe, and yet it is just as common today, among Christians!

I merely wanted this post to be a wake-up call, for myself and for anyone else who feels the same. There’s no condemnation here, just a realization that we are imperfect beings always in need of correction and guidance. And ever always in need of God and His abounding grace.

Lord, I want to be your #1 fan before anything else, you are what I desire and long for. You alone deserve all the praise, honor, and glory. Keep my heart pure and set on the right things, and protect me from satan’s pitfalls and traps, so that I am not led astray. My heart is yours always, thank you for your gift of grace, Amen.ย 


9 thoughts on “#1 Fan

  1. So true. When I was a little girl growing up my mother’s side of the family did not believe in religion or God but my father and his side of the family did. I grew up being very quiet about my belief because I did not want to be teased from one side of the family but my dad did talk about God with me and also I had a very sweet neighbor who I would visit all the time that would take me to church and even gave me a little Jesus statue that I have to this day up with photos and a prayer in a frame on a dresser. My father ended up divorcing my mother years later (my mother wanted the divorce) and he married a religious woman years later and was very happy in his last years with my step mother. I have seen most people in my family that don’t know God being very unhappy and lonely. They love trends and vanity and their cell phones get their full attention instead of each other. Their families and lives seem to be full of anger and insecurities. They think it is all about money and beauty an popularity. If they had God in their lives they would understand that none of those things matter. I wish they did understand that. Great post once again, thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you for sharing! It is hard letting go and trusting that God will lead our families to Him. Especially knowing that some people will actively choose something else even after they know the truth. And yet there is always hope, nothing is to hard for God and only He knows a persons inner heart. Thank God that you and I both were able to grow up knowing a relationship with Him! I canโ€™t imagine who I would be a part from Him but I do know how meaningless and depressing life would be. Thank you again, and God bless!


  2. I Personally do not believe you are being harsh. Today I was in the (Book of Exodus 20). I was reading where God said that He is a Jealous God. He doesn’t want me to put things before Him. It was Him that has brought me where I am today. There must be a balance in my life. He does have to remind me. And I’m glad He does. I love talking about and sharing about Him. No, I’m not perfect, but I’m not going to allow people nor things to turn me around anymore. Because I have been there and done that before I wasn’t where I am today with Him. It really can be easy to get off track, the devil is busy. I’m grateful and thankful that He is a Merciful Father. Thank you for sharing this. God Bless You!! ((Hugs))

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