Hope Family Church


Pastor Dan: “God is Good!”

Church Family: “All the time!”

I’ve found the real thing…what’s that? you may ask. Well, come on in! It’s something I have to show you. One walk through these doors and I promise you will feel it too. Again you ask, what’s that? I smile back and say, “a family.”

I’ve been through many church doors in my life, growing accustomed to the sound of worship and the laughter of children. I’ve shaken many hands and have sat through many sermons. I’ve stood upon the stage and have looked out upon many different people. I’ve watched those people grow and mature in Christ, while others have fallen away or have moved on to other churches, becoming a part of other families.

I have seen the very depths of religion, the spirit of which chaining people to shame and guilt. I have witnessed the transforming love of God and the joy of truly uncovering the gifts paid for through Jesus sacrifice. And now? I have finally discovered what church is all about.

Outwardly it’s a mixture of many components; the building, the people, the music, the vision…to name a few. Inwardly, it’s so much more. It’s a family of believers coming together to uplift one another. It’s a place of acceptance, guidance, love, and hope.

Just like Aaron and I had no idea God had written Hope Family Church into His great plan for us, Pastor Dan and Erica Owings had no idea that God would call them away from their lives in Montana to start a church here in Marion, OH. A town struggling to rise from the pits of hopelessness, drugs, and poverty. They gave it all, sold their home and came here with their 3 young children because God said, “go.”

They relied on faith to start this church, to name it Hope, to make an impact in our community. They loved like no other, they pursued God with everything they had, and they sought not that their church pews would be filled, but that lives would be transformed and ultimately that Marion would be a place of hope again.

Today, 3 years later we have defied the odds and have proven that God is with us. Each year goals have been met and blessings have been poured out. Our family has grown not only in numbers but in love, transformations, and miracles. And through Pastor Dan’s God-given desire to unite families and build relationships within our community, we have developed a deep respect between churches and now have a Marion United youth group, connecting church families even more regardless of denomination.

Everything is changing, God is moving…and it is only the beginning. Sure we have our moments, times when satan attacks so viciously that we must seek God’s voice again, to which He says, “rise up! Fight back! I am with you.” And so we dust off and stand stronger than before.

I believe in this church, I love my family and I can’t wait to see what God has in store next for Hope Family Church!

For more visit, Hope Family Church on Facebook or watch our Sunday service live streams! God bless you all ❤


Please pray for Marion, that God would continue to break the chains of addiction and poverty and that we would continue to follow His call for our church. Praise God that we are only three weeks away from moving into our new church building!! The first church ever built in Marion! Thank you all!


6 thoughts on “Hope Family Church

  1. I’m so with joy for you and your husband that God has lead you to a Church Home where there is Love, Comapasion for people. My prayers are with you all as Jesus Christ lead you all into the path that He has for you all to go In His Name. I enjoyed what you have shared here. I could share my own expereince, but God knows all about it. I’m thankful for the expereince that He has lead me to expereince and to see and hear with His eyes and ears. My own expereince has been a Spiritual Growth. Everything isn’t going to taste sweet. But we know that Jesus Christ Words are Sweet as Honey!! Praise the LORD!! \0/\0/ I had shared these Words this morning to encourage others: I know it encourage me: (One Must Hear The Voice Of God Before Being A Voice Of God). That was powerful when I read this. GOD IS ABLE…We just need to be Still and learn to Listen To His VOICE for Direction. Shalom!! God Bless you ((All)) ((Hugs)) 🙂

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