Forced to Land


Journal Entry: August 20, 2016

A rainstorm has passed, geese and buzzards lay in a field, forced into landing when the rain began to pour. I commented this to Aaron as we drove down country roads and realized that maybe we are like those birds. Once flying and soaring toward our destination, and then forced to stop and land in a place that may be “ok” and even comfortable, but not our destination.

It’s not that we can’t fly, it’s that we don’t know how to weather the storm. We are inexperienced flyers and we easily shrink away from a challenge. Our hope is easily lost as the clouds grow more ominous before us.

Every storm ends though, I must believe that just as the geese do. They patiently wait for the storm to pass, shaking off their feathers for flight. I want that hope, that assurance that one day we will fly again…

…And find our way home.

Note: Sometimes we are made to go through the storm, other times we are called to rebuke it. In both situations, we must rebuke the devil, otherwise, he will make a docile cloud look as though it is a fierce hurricane–and we can become trapped there if we listen to his direction. 

My Journal cover reads, “With God All Things Are Possible.” -Matthew 19:26. When I listen to this song above, I reflect on my life, and I hope you do the same. You see, God has never left you, and He has never left me. Looking back isn’t such a bad thing if you are looking to see God’s hand at work in your life. I’ve filled my journal with my moments of anger, sadness, and joy. And most importantly, I’ve recorded God’s Word over each situation, His comfort is evident and each page, no matter what I was going through at the time, rings with hope. With God, all things are possible…how do I know this? Because over and over, the impossible has happened to me. God Is Good.


12 thoughts on “Forced to Land

  1. That is a Beautiful Song that you shared here. ” Into Faith I Go ” And I strongly Agree all things are possible…I will continue believing, and trusting, obeying my Jesus Christ. It was He who was there when I was going through my storms in this life. \0/\0/ ((Hugs))

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