Faith or Fear


“The only antidote to fear is faith.”

-Woodrow Koll

Fear. It strikes your body like an electric shock, rooting you to the floor. Your heart jumps in your chest, your mind comprehends only the present moment, with no hope for the future.

How many times have I felt this fear?…strange as it may seem fear has different faces but its purpose is one, and one alone. To make you bow to another king, the king of this world. When we succumb to fear we put our faith in him.

Fear says, “I believe in the enemy,” Faith says, “I believe in God.”

You can’t serve two masters, and it has taken me many years to recognize what fear really is. It is a lie. A powerless entity that can only create the illusion of power, like how a bug in the light of a flashlight casts a huge shadow on the wall. I can believe in the shadow or I can, through the eyes of faith, find the small creature that it is and crush it underfoot.

What about the times when our fears became reality? Well, I’ve discovered that it is those who fear that receive what they fear the most. Those who have faith, receive peace and hope, life is seen through a wider lens. One that understands the brevity of life and also it’s great purpose and promised destination. Through this lens, suffering becomes a choice instead of a guarantee.

I’m not saying that life is always peachy for those who walk in faith, but if we truly lived like Christ, we would experience pain without truly suffering. It is like when a loved one dies who believed in Jesus, we experience pain at their loss, and yet we do not suffer for them because we have faith in where they are and that we will join them someday.

It takes practice, it takes spiritual growth to replace the lens of fear with faith. It takes believing that God is good all the time, no matter what we understand or experience in the moment. This assurance is the very foundation of Faith, without it, you can never trust in God’s Word, His Character, His promises, or His love. Would you put your faith in an enemy? a stranger? Never! and so God must become a friend and father to you. Only then can faith begin to form.

As a child, I ran to God like I ran to my parents whenever I was afraid. The only difference was that my parents could wrap their arms around me and turn on the lights, while God seemed like a silent and distant spectator. In fear, I no longer felt His presence, His peace and protection were drowned out by my emotions. And I was inexperienced in hearing and discerning His voice amidst the sea of others.

Now, I realize that He was more present than my sleeping parents, those late nights when monsters invaded my room, He was speaking over me, wrapping me in His love and lighting my world with His peace. While my parents slept and even when I woke them, they could hardly understand what I was feeling or experiencing in those dark nightmares, they didn’t know demons tormented me, longing to rob me of my identity.

Through the lens of faith, my entire past suddenly looks different, clarity replaces the times of uncertainty and fog. The lies of the devil unfold and I see the goodness of God waging war over my life. Taking back what power I relinquished to the devil. Awakening my destiny in Him.

Do I still have moments of fear? Yes, but I recognize them as a part of my dead self that must be cut away. They are now just obstacles for my growing faith to overcome, lies that I must strike down the moment they surface. You can feel fear, just never let fear control you. Never end with fear, always defeat it with the truth. When I am afraid, I read God’s Word and remind my Spirit who has the victory in this. Exercise your faith like a muscle and it will grow and in doing this, your fears will become weak.

I get it, I understand. Fear is difficult, it is the war within ourselves that is the hardest to defeat. Thank God, Jesus already defeated it! We just need to start living in that victory today.

Do you struggle with fear?

How do you overcome it?





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