A Peaceful Christmas


“Peace on earth, and Goodwill to man.”


Is it just me or does it seem like around Christmas time there is a lot of strife? We lose loved ones, drama is stirred up amidst families, depression sets in like a cold winter chill. Maybe you feel guilty because you can’t afford to buy presents for your children, or you are lonely because the loved ones you used to share Christmas with have passed away, or have left the nest. We all can recite the phrase above “Peace on earth,” and yet we don’t feel it in our hearts. And why is that so? I believe it’s time we take back Christmas!

That’s the answer, satan has taken yet another blessing and gift from God, a celebration in fact, and has sought to destroy it by any means necessary. He tried to rewrite it’s meaning, to cover up its core purpose by diverting our gaze from Jesus to Santa. From thanking God for the greatest gift toward the excitement of opening our own. He turned people’s gaze away from the bright star in the sky toward Christmas lights, from looking upon a cross to admiring a decorated tree.

And I’m not saying that those things are all bad. Even the Christmas tree with its pagan start doesn’t have to symbolize the same meaning today. If you go even farther back in time, who created the Evergreen tree to begin with? God. And Christmas lights can symbolize the light of the world among mankind, and Santa Clause is based on a real person, Saint Nicholas who gave everything he had to help the poor.

The only thing truly evil going on at Christmas is satan’s schemes to separate man from God’s goodwill and peace. I see it happening now, all around me people are dying and getting sick, my friends and family are going through tough situations financially and in their relationships with one another. It’s a hard time to be peaceful! And yet, if we could all just pause, and reflect upon the face of baby Jesus, what it truly meant for Him to come down from heaven and be born amongst us, in a cold and dirty manger…I truly believe that it’s in the Thanksgiving that we not only discover peace but find it.

We are a culture that reacts to situations, rather than relies on God. We let our circumstances determine our joy and steal our peace, in this way we are like the tossing of the sea. If we only relied on God, who never changes, and His overflowing love, we would only know how to react joyfully and respond with hope instead of hopelessness.

Christmas is a promise, a time to celebrate that promise. It is a gift that never decays, a gift you will never get tired of, a gift that is immeasurably greater than any gift you have ever received. It comes with no strings attached, given freely whether you have been naughty or nice, it’s yours to open, and it’s all you will ever need.


~The Prince of Peace~




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