My Provider




God IS our provider…saying that is one thing, believing it is another. When you pray do you do so with doubt? Do you repeat your prayers in desperation, just in case God didn’t hear you the first time, or several? I have the assurance that God not only hears my prayers but that it is His delight to answer them. He is a Father who loves to bless His children, and that has been proven in my life, time and again.

We can get so hung up on the prayers that haven’t yet been answered (or have without our knowing yet), forgetting the countless daily yearnings of our hearts that God satisfies. We can go as basic as you want with this, right down to what we need each day to survive. Starting in that place and counting our many blessings we can then move on from surviving to thriving. Just ask yourself this question, “If God hears my small prayers, how much more does He hear my BIG prayers, my deepest longings, and dreams?

A parent automatically cares for their child’s basic needs, and in a healthy home where the parent is meeting those needs, a child automatically trusts in the parent’s ability to provide them. Why then do we struggle with this concept? We openly profess God as our Father and yet we do not trust Him with that role.

In all honesty, God could have stopped at us calling Him friend, and yet He took it farther in taking the position of Father. A friend is there for you, a Father provides for you. Traditionally, it was the sole role of the Father to provide for His family. He was the breadwinner, the one who brought home the bacon, so to speak. Not that the mother couldn’t also generate wealth, but even she depended greatly on her husband. That is why many widows back in Biblical times were poor and needy. Without a husband, the church was commanded to take on that role, proving that no matter what storms come our way, the Will of God is always to provide and protect.

And so, whenever you start to fear or doubt that God hears your prayers, make a list of all that you have been given, of your many daily needs that have been met whether you prayed for them or not, of the countless times God came through for you, maybe through someone else, and you didn’t recognize it as a God-thing.

I will share some examples with you of times God was my provider, times when He proved He was listening to me, even when I thought my prayers or desires were too small for Him to notice.

Here recently, even as I type, there is a large blizzard blowing through Ohio. Our electric bill has been outrageous due to the cold temperatures and our home’s poor insulation. Aaron did some research and discovered that a pellet stove was our best option. Unfortunately to buy one and install it was pretty expensive and we have been trying to save money. Aaron randomly brought up the subject at work to his boss, and to our amazement, his boss immediately offered to give us his pellet stove that was in perfect condition, sitting unused for years in storage.

Now as I type this, with the temperatures dropping and the blizzard getting deadly outside, I am quite warm because a large pellet stove is burning just to my right. God IS my provider. As far as I can remember, Aaron and I hadn’t even prayed for a pellet stove, it was just something we longed for. What escaped our minds didn’t escape God’s.

Another recent blessing, God has blessed us with a vacation to Florida. Feb. 22, will be Aaron and I’s 5 year wedding anniversary and we had been wanting to do something special for the occasion. The only thing I could come up with in Ohio was staying at a cabin for a couple nights in the freezing weather. I didn’t pray for a trip to the beach, but I longed for it. The ocean is my favorite place, and my favorite beach is on Captiva Island off the coast of Fort Myers.

Thanks to God-established connections we were able to find a cheaper avenue to travel and stay in Florida for a few days. And my seemingly small concerns, like about what to do with my dog Kota have been pacified as well. God wants us to celebrate! And we want more than anything for this trip to be a time spent with Him, rededicating our lives to Him as a couple.

These are just a few of the many monthly and daily ways God reminds me that He is my provider and that He hears my every prayer. Trust in Him, even if you don’t get an answer right away, some of the best things in life take time. I never knew that I would meet such a Godly man like Aaron. We were both quite young when we met, and young when we married, and yet looking back I know that God had set it all in motion. He had picked out someone for me and it took me a while to realize it, to let go of things that weren’t “God’s best” for me. I am glad He made me wait, that He withheld something till I was ready to fully receive it.

Part of being the best gift giver is knowing when the right time is to give the gift. Trust God with your prayers, your dreams, and your desires…He will respond and provide. He will give you what you are ready to receive. And when you look back, you will be all the more amazed at how Good He IS.

How has God provided for you?



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