The Flame


With each heartbeat, and breath intake

The flame did grow and dance

Reflecting in her brilliant eyes

Cascading light within a glance


The fire burned into the night

It’s eternal blaze unaltered

And in the light of its great warmth

Two souls did sleep unbothered


Oh how the years did seem to fly

So much had gone and passed

But the flame still burned so very bright

And swayed the lover’s dance


It’s golden light still illuminates

The dark and dusty room

Where two souls once embraced

Below a cold and winter moon


The flame you see is but a symbol

An embodiment of the heart

Come to life the moment when

True love finds it’s start


Is your flame of passion lit?

If so, how does it burn?

To find a love as true as theirs

Let’s hope it’s now our turn.



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