A Mother’s Love


His first cry reached her heart

And love poured out to greet it

Did she know that someday soon

His cries of pain would break it? 


The tears she used to wipe away

When he would trip and fall

Now mixed with drops of blood

While others laugh and scoff


Oh how she must’ve smiled so

As he slept safe and warm

Now she cannot bear the sight

Of his body, broke and torn


She used to help him climb the steps

Now she helps him lift the cross

Knowing that this must be

But oh! how great the cost!


She loved him as a mother would

Her heart died on that cross

While all the memories flooded back

Of years that we know not


I do not think that we can know

How much she did give up

Until we walk in her shoes

With a baby in our arms


So thank you, mothers, all around

For your love reflects our God’s

That hopes, believes, endures all things

In children such as us…






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