The Mind Fight


People don’t see the fight within, that is the greatest battle we all face.

We enter the ring of our innermost thoughts and desires. Good vs. evil.  And though we stand at the center, with boxing gloves held high and ready, the enemy is smart and wants nothing more than to throw you out of the ring and take that center position in your mind.

His words are like punches to the gut. We block as best as we can but we’re bound to crumble without help. The Word of God gives us that fighting spirit, we no longer take a defensive position but one of attack. Dealing the enemy more powerful blows with God’s Word and Truth.

The battle sounds something like this:

Me: There is an opportunity in front of me, should I take it?

Enemy: Is it really an opportunity? Can you even handle it?

Me: Yes and I don’t know.

Enemy: You aren’t deserving of it, you aren’t qualified for it.

Me: They think I am.

Enemy: Do you?

Me: I don’t know…

Enemy: I know, you aren’t. Look at your past, your mistakes, your flaws…I know them best and I can replay them for you if you need the reminder.

Me: Please don’t…

Enemy: Remember when they laughed at you? remember that time you felt so small that you just wanted to lay down and cry?

Me: Yes..of course.

Enemy: No one believes in you, you are pathetic. And if you take this opportunity you will just add to the list of failures in your worthless life.

Me: Shut up.

Enemy: What did you say? Need more reminders? [bombards with memories of times when I felt powerless, embarrassment, and depression]

Me: I said ENOUGH!

Enemy: You think you’re free from depression and pain? I promise to fill your life with it, every waking moment…

Me: God liberated me and I won’t go back into that cell! He has given me a sound mind and my hope is unshakable!

Enemy: Do you believe this hope? When has it come through for you?

Me: Right here. Right now. I choose faith and I choose to fight you, and I won’t stop fighting you, or should I remind you that you are already defeated?

Enemy: Oh I see, so you think you are powerful now? You think you can change?

Me: I already have…the only one that won’t change is you.

Enemy (backing away): Fine…fine…but I will return. The battle doesn’t end here.

Me: I’ll be waiting. And I will defeat you as many times as it takes.

Enemy: [shaking in rage] Watch your step little girl…you may get bitten by a snake yet.

Me: I will crush it underfoot, God is bigger than you and He holds the power over you.

Enemy: He does…how long will you?

Me: Till the end of time, I won’t give up my authority. The same authority Jesus died to return to us.

Enemy: [shrinks back into the shadows, away from the blinding light of Jesus’ name]

Jesus’ name and God’s Word are powerful weapons, without them the battle will go on in circles. That is why we must speak what is true, not just to others but to ourselves.

Sometimes I think Christians are better at waving a white flag than sharpening a sword. We are taught that peace is passivity, that love is tolerance, submission is slavery, and that righteousness is perfection.

Take back your mind! How can we advance the kingdom of God on earth if our minds are still held captive? Don’t let satan throttle you, it’s your ring and your mind, throw him out! Jesus already beat him to a pulp, all you have to do is knock him out.

The battle example above is just one of millions we can and will face. Life will deal us a blow now and again, but our minds endure constant onslaught. No one can fight those battles for us, but that doesn’t mean you are alone.

Jesus is watching. He is with you and cheering you on! Why? because no one knows what you’re capable of more than he does. He sees nothing but victory in your future, a future that the devil you’re fighting knows nothing about.





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