The Busy Scheme


Time is money…

Every day I wake up at 5am, eat a quick breakfast, get dressed and ready, half asleep as I stumble around in the dark. I drive to work and quickly check-in with the swipe of my badge and then I rush to my station, ready to spend 8 hours welding windows.

Many around me work two or three part-time jobs along with the factory one. They figure that the more time they put in, whether it’s factory work, retail, or other, the more money they will acquire…and then…..

There never really is an end goal. Sure, we all want our debts paid and family provided for. If we are really lucky (put in enough time) we might even save up enough to go on vacation or buy a new car.

But at the end of the day, we return begrudgingly and dependently, to that steady job. It pays the bills, it makes you feel secure, it takes up all your time…is there really anything else for me?

Maybe…there is something more.

God made each of you with specific abilities, passions, gifts, callings, and anointings. Sadly, all of these often take a back seat in our lives simply because we don’t have the time for them. Work drains us and we become reliant instead of using the job as a launching pad to greater things.

We must be proactive about our dreams. Otherwise, we will run out of time…

satan knows when he can’t lead you astray spiritually, for those rooted in Christ don’t budge easily. What he then does is keep you busy, too busy and distracted to make a difference, fulfill your calling, or even notice the sand of time passing between your fingers.

It is very easy to keep on saying, “later”, or “someday”, until there isn’t a later or someday to fall back on. And so we all stand at a fork in the road; one way is comfortable and less impactful, it involves laying aside your dreams and aspirations. The other path looks like a sheer drop at first, into the dark unknown called risk. But can you walk away from its edge without wondering what lies at its bottom?

Maybe…everything you ever wanted lies on the other side of fear. And the reason you fear it so deeply is because satan doesn’t dare want you to go that route and become who God created you to be.

I’m not saying to quit your jobs or to be ungrateful for them as God may just have put you there for a season. But what I am saying is, don’t give up on your dreams, set goals, recognize your giftings and passions, and take a risk. Cling to your decision to jump and follow through with it, if God is for you who can be against you?

I honestly believe that we are all created for a specific purpose, for a specific time and place. God has laid his cards on the table for his next move and guess what? Your names are on those cards! It’s our turn to make a move and we only have so much time to do it.

This video by Steve Harvey really puts things in perspective:



5 thoughts on “The Busy Scheme

  1. I always get so much info from your post. You can tell you are writing from your heart and soul. So happy God gave you that gift. I liked what Steve Harvey said about just jump and go for it, don’t let anything hold you back. Great advice from both of you. Have a great weekend.

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