A Special Announcement


Hello everyone!! I know I haven’t been posting much lately, summer is a busy season for many! However, that isn’t entirely the reason behind my absence.

God is preparing us for something new!

For many years now, Aaron and I have played music together and have received words from trusted friends, prophets, seers, and pastors about what our ministry would look like. We have pursued ministry positions and have sought the Lord and His Will for our lives, playing in our church worship band, serving in kids ministry, and pouring ourselves into what we felt would bring God glory.

When we graduated from the Columbus School of Supernatural Ministry, we knew that God was deploying us, sending us out to make a difference in Marion. We joined Hope Family Church, knowing that it was God’s will and from there we have matured even more in Christ and our giftings.

I say all this briefly, leaving out all the hours practicing, the long drives, the prayers and moments when we honestly didn’t know what would happen or if we would even have the time and money to pursue our dreams.

My husband has taken a leap of faith. He has left his farming job behind and is currently pursuing the dream that God’s been preparing for us and in us, and that dream rests in the very name of this blog…Hope Song.

I didn’t realize at the time what this name would become. I was only looking for a blog name that encompassed my heart’s desire, to be a dealer in Hope, spreading the hope of Christ through worship. Not long after I started the blog I began my first business, Hope Song Creations, selling repurposed antiques, in a sense, breathing new life into what others had discarded.

I placed it on the back shelf when, at the time, we needed extra income that wasn’t coming through the business. I began working for Silverline, making windows and still work there today. Waiting for the moment when God would open a door to greater things!

What does this next chapter look like for us?

Aaron has started by teaching guitar, bass, and piano lessons to generate income. He is an excellent and patient teacher. If you live in Ohio and are interested, you can find our page here: Aaron’s Music Lessons

The next step is kickstarting Hope Song Music as a way of promoting our talent, making connections, and if we generate enough income, I will be able to leave my factory job and fully join Aaron in reaching our shared goals. This step involves playing music for parties, weddings, local events and shops, youth groups, fundraisers, and so much more. We will literally play anywhere and any family-friendly genre to fit the occasion.

This step also involves starting a youtube channel in order to share our music. Our intention and dream is for Hope Song Music to become Hope Song Ministries, a multi-faceted ministry where we will travel, worship, and share our testimonies and messages to churches and events wherever God leads us.

Already (this is Aaron’s second week), we have faced spiritual attacks. Aaron lost his voice all week from an illness and wasn’t able to sing with me for our first 45-minute gig. Thankfully, God came through and everything went great!

We aren’t surprised when spiritual attack comes, in fact, it fires me up! It affirms in me that God wants us to do this and satan is terrified that we will succeed in it. If it was easy I’d be skeptical, I’d wonder if we really are making the devil nervous.

On top of these two steps, there is so much more we are doing. We still serve at our church and I am still writing novels that I hope to publish in the near future! All of this time is well spent and I find myself attempting to “work” on these things while I am at work, welding window after window…I believe in the words spoken over us and I know that with God, the best is yet to come and closer now than it’s ever been.

Thank you all for always supporting me and lifting me up with your words and blogs! You are a blessing and I value your words of wisdom and prayers!

May God bless your dreams and bring them to fruition, that you would find the courage to take a leap of faith after your own calling, knowing that God will always be there to catch you, knowing that though the path isn’t easy, it is worth it…and may God be given all the glory…forever and ever, amen. 



6 thoughts on “A Special Announcement

  1. What exciting news! I’m especially interested in the fact that you are very close to me (Louisville, KY)! Maybe you can get a gig at my church. 😉
    “We aren’t surprised when spiritual attack comes, in fact, it fires me up! It affirms in me that God wants us to do this and satan is terrified that we will succeed in it. If it was easy I’d be skeptical, I’d wonder if we really are making the devil nervous.” – My belief exactly!
    Much of my newest book, “Satan’s Worst Nightmare” is about the battles we faced declaring the gospel message on Halloween night. – And the victories, of course. 😉

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  2. I am experiencing spiritual attack as my direction of ministry is also changing. God has called me into a ministry to pastors and ministry leaders. This is a ministry for which I have to raise my own support like many missionaries. I am reminded over and over that God’s will is not absent from the enemy’s attack. Let’s lift up each other in prayer.

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  3. Great news. I know you and your husband will be so happy accomplishing your dreams and with God by your side the whole way. I would read one of your books, your post give me goosebumps when I read them. You style of writing goes straight to ones heart and that right there is a sign that God gave you a very special gift. Please continue using that gift and sharing that with others, the world needs more love and kindness these days.

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    1. Thank you for such encouraging words! I’m honored ❤️😊 and I agree that this world needs more of Christ’s love, it’s aching for it already, trying to fill the ache with other things that won’t satisfy. God bless you and happy Labor Day!!


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