Broken Vessels


“The only way to keep a broken vessel full is to keep it always under the tap.”

-Billy Sunday

Last weekend, as I seated in the pew with my small cup of juice and bread for communion, I noticed a long crack down the side of my cup. To my surprise, the cup never once leaked, even as I pressed against the crack and saw it move ever so slightly inward.

A thought came to mind as I watched this, and that is we are all very much like this cup. Though broken, through God’s redemptive grace and love we are made whole again. We may be weak in the eyes of the world, but through His power, we won’t let a single drop of His Truth drip to the ground. No, we will be filled and in fact, must always be “being” filled so that we can pour out onto others.

How many times has your cup broken? I honestly believe that even those whose cup has shattered seemingly beyond repair can be mended. God only needs to remake you, like the potter in Jeremiah 18.

God even goes on to say, “can I not remake you as the potter does?” (18:5)

Strange as it may seem, I love this broken vessel of mine…in those cracks, I see God’s amazing power to bring beauty out of ashes, to restore and rebuild relationships, to bind and mend and wipe my tears away. I see His love and can fully appreciate it, without taking it for granted, as I had when life was easy.

We really don’t know what we have until it’s gone. Not that God’s love ever really leaves us. Sometimes the storms are just so dark that we feel forsaken, that we forget who He is and who We are.

Only his love can mend your brokenness. Time isn’t the only thing that heals wounds you know? You don’t have to wait years for healing to come, God wants to mend you today! You only have to surrender the broken pieces to Him.

To surrender those pieces you must let go of unforgiveness and pride. You must desire healing more than you desire brokenness. Why would anyone desire such a thing, you ask?

A tragic moment can become your life’s story if you let it. If you feel victimized and take that feeling on as your identity and your right, then you will not surrender it easily.

The same can be said of unforgiveness, no matter what the person or person(s) did to you to warrant such offense, you have taken the seat of justice that only God can rightfully occupy. In doing this, you refuse to heal because that would mean you have forgotten and moved past their hurt.

This harboring of resentment only hurts you, not them. It limits you and chains you, ultimately giving their offense more power and impact in your life.

And so, I admit, that I am a broken vessel.

That though broken I am still a vessel. Mended and restored but not completely. Filled and being filled but not empty.

Let your broken pieces paint a testimony of God’s redemptive work in your life. Let Him remake and reshape you into the image of Jesus. This process will deepen you, will grow you and make you stronger. And someday soon, that vessel will look something like this…


Shiny, new, containing an ocean of His love.

God- I surrender my broken pieces to you, reshape me into my original design. That I may best reflect the heart of Christ to those around me, and become an ocean of that love in a desert world. Thirsty and reaching for more…Father, use me, this broken vessel to proclaim your truth to the very ends of the earth. Amen. 


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