Early Pregnancy: What to Expect


So I just found out I’m pregnant, now what??

If you’re like me, your mind is probably spinning with both excitement and fear. Don’t worry! Us expectant mothers are in this together, you’re not alone!

I saw my “double lines” just a few short weeks ago. Now, I am roughly 7 to 8 weeks pregnant with my very first baby. I’ve decided that although there are many blogs run by mothers and mothers to be, another couldn’t hurt! The pregnancy journey is different for everyone, and so I’ve decided to share my unique story in the hopes that it may help someone else. Also, if you are a first-time mom, I’d love to hear from you and pray for you! Please message me.Β  πŸ˜ƒ

So, 7 to 8 weeks in, what has happened to me so far? (men may want to skip this section)

Well, I first found out I was pregnant when my period, just…wouldn’t come. I had very mild cramping that kinda went on every day and would stop if I sat and rested awhile. It was as though I was going to start my period at any moment, but that moment never came. If you are experiencing this, I would just trust your gut and try a couple pregnancy tests to be safe. You will know when your body is acting out of character and there is a good chance that pregnancy is behind it rather than some hormonal imbalance.

Despite the normal mild cramping that comes when the baby is securing itself to your uterus (this lasted 2 to 3 weeks for me). There is also bloating, but slightly more severe and long-lasting than with period symptoms. Another very noticeable change is breast tenderness without the common lumping that happens around period time. This pain is more intense and all-encompassing. I hate to say it but this hasn’t left me just yet. Your body has a lot of changes to undergo and these can cause tenderness, cramping, and even a sensation of needing to stretch your stomach muscles. Also, expect your breasts to grow…rapidly.

It wasn’t long after week 6 that I started getting nausea. Thankfully, I’ve discovered the culprit. Hunger.

If I let my stomach be empty too long then I start to get sick, and that feeling increases till I’ve eaten something. If you want to avoid starting your days feeling like you have the flu, I would wake up a couple times in the night, maybe when you have to pee (most likely if you are drinking enough water, you will pee more frequently), and grab a bite to eat. Nothing hearty, just eat some saltine crackers and drink some water and sleep in a propped up position.

Nausea will still come reminding you when to eat again, but at least you won’t be vomiting level sick. This has just worked for me, I’ve come close to vomiting only once and it was because I slept through the whole night without a quick acid-reducing snack.

And when you go to eat any meal, although you should eat veggies, proteins, and fruit, if you are really struggling with sickness, just eat what sounds good, you will be glad you did. Some days I really know what I want for dinner that evening, and generally, it’s something filling and not entirely healthy. But, so long as you eat normal amounts, take your prenatal vitamins (I use chews instead of pill form), and eat right in the moments when you feel you can then the baby is off to a good start.

Just be aware that too many carbs or overeating will do to the baby what it does to you, add on pounds! So far, despite my change in eating times, I’ve managed to stay around the same weight because mostly I’m just snacking throughout the day. The only thing I feel I should cut back on is salt intake. Salty foods may calm the tummy, but not the heart.

Generally, I snack on saltine crackers and shredded wheat cereal for fiber during the night and early morning hours. That’s 2-3 times a night and no more than a cup worth, the goal isn’t to stuff, just to feel good enough to go back to bed.

In the morning you can eat a normal breakfast, or at least try and eat what’s normal for you. I generally take in my daily sugars in the morning or protein. You can have scrambled eggs or bagels. Or you can go the pancake route or quick oatmeal bar. Somehow I find that oatmeal cookies soothe my stomach.

Lunch, I typically eat something warm, like a ham and cheese sandwich, and once that’s down I can then snack on fruit with ease. Strange as it may seem, I’ve really been able to eat pizza or pizza bites without stomach upset. Not that you should go to that every time, but you will discover foods that your body just craves for no apparent reason, those are your safe choices when you aren’t sure if something will make you sicker.

Dinner is your heartiest meal, make it count so that you don’t have to eat again unless you prefer to snack on veggies or fruit. I usually eat whatever sounds good for dinner. I love chicken in its various forms, and, although I advise against eating too much of it, potatoes definitely taste good and stay in the stomach awhile.

The reason I advise against too much of anything really is that at this point in my pregnancy gas can be an issue, a seriously painful one. Just adjust accordingly. If gas becomes a problem, avoid potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, and brussel sprouts…and anything else that triggers gas for you.

In an emergency, I take Mylanta gas chewables. Just one seems to help break up the gas in the stomach for me. You can generally safely take Tums also if you can stomach them, for acid.

So, it might seem overwhelming, all these symptoms, but you learn to adjust to them just as you would anything else. Just remember, it’s temporary! As your baby grows and changes, so will you and your symptoms, at least that is the hope!

I suppose I will keep you posted on whether that rings true for me πŸ˜… until then, I’d love to hear how things are going for you. Are you dealing with morning sickness? What ways do you combat those pesky symptoms?

If you haven’t already, schedule your blood test and your first visit with a gynecologist. Mine is today at 3pm! Wish me luck!



15 thoughts on “Early Pregnancy: What to Expect

      1. Thank you! Adeline was born at 12:46 PM today. She’s perfect! Nine months from now I’ll look forward to reading your perspective on motherhood!!!! πŸ˜€ Best wishes!

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  1. congrats. I always ate saltine crackers before getting out of bed in the morning. It helped, but I had to change the bedding often. God’s blessings on your journey.


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