He’s Working All Things…


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.”

-Romans 8:28

It isn’t the first time we’ve had almost nill in our checking account. Society just isn’t easily made for one-income families, especially women who dream of becoming a stay at home mom. Besides factory work or paying thousands for a professional career, the average job doesn’t cover all the living expenses. It’s at least better than it was during the stock market crash around the early 2000s. Because of that, my husband and I both suffered trying to find work that paid more than the bare minimum of 7.25 an hr. Plus, the college course he had taken in school to become a certified firefighter was all for nothing, no one was hiring, and the certification would expire in a year.

I went straight to college after high school, pressured and unsure of what I really wanted to do I pursued psychology and then later switched to social work. In the matter of a few years, I had taken mostly electives and typical subjects and had barely scratched the surface of what I’d come to college to learn about. When the thousands were adding up and our wedding day was fast approaching, I decided that the debt wasn’t worth it and settled for an associate’s degree.

Today, times are better, but expenses are rising. Aaron and I spend money cautiously and we try to avoid debt altogether, this coupled with tithing (the first thing you should do with every paycheck), has kept us afloat and even quite comfortable in the times when we both worked full time. Our best yet was when he worked as a manager on a farm and I worked at a factory. Unfortunately, the farm relocated and morning sickness drove me from my job recently.

Now, I’m on the search for a part-time job that isn’t so physically demanding, and Aaron has started working for UPS. But in a matter of weeks, our finances have plummetted, reminding us of when we first began. It’s expensive having a baby! and It’s expensive owning a home!

On Halloween, we began the day with a broken sump pump, flooded basement, and barely any money to remedy the situation. Plus, at 3pm I had my second appointment in which they were going to do a full physical and my first ultrasound. It was rough, the whole day was very rough…and yet, after waiting 40 minutes to see my doctor they decided to start me off with the ultrasound instead of ending with it.

I couldn’t believe it! that is our baby! no more than the size of a peanut and yet so recognizably human with a head, two arms, and legs. And my favorite part, a constant, healthy, beating heart…(in the image above, the head is on the left, then two visible arms, and legs)

Everything changed in an instant. I still had a horrible physical to go through and money was still on our minds, but now a new perspective took place. Oblivious to it all, our child, a miracle and blessing from God, is healthy and growing! Our family is about to get so much bigger and better. Kinda hard to have a bad day after that, don’t you think?

God reminded me that He has always been faithful to us, and has always brought about everything for our good. Why? because we love Him.

It’s that simple, we love God and we know that everything comes from Him. Aaron and I didn’t “create” this child, God did. Our hard work hasn’t kept us from poverty, God has. Trust me, our hard work hasn’t always been enough, and amazingly, money would just fall into our hands at the right moment….that isn’t us, that’s God.

I don’t know what’s next…I don’t even know what tomorrow holds…but one thing is certain. My God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And He will work this out too for our good.

Have you tested God in this area? Have you tithed?

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” -Malachi 3:10



4 thoughts on “He’s Working All Things…

  1. I’m so glad God used them ultrasound to brighten your day!
    Yes I (we) tithe! I started giving 10% from the first day I held a job, only making $500 a paycheque. I still tithe, no matter if I “have” the money or not. Usually it ends up being 10-15% of our total income. You know what? We have somehow paid every bill on time, and always had food on the table. Even when the numbers didn’t add up, God somehow provided. To this day I believe that he holds my finances and because of that, I’ve never had too little (or too much 😜!)

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