Looking Back

Looking back on the year, I can’t help but ask, “what year?” It blew by so fast. And just as the Lord said on New Year’s, as the ball dropped and I found myself laughing with Aaron..this would (and was) a year of laughter.

We began the year with our favorite and shortest anniversary vacation yet to Florida. It was the best three days in which we actually had the money to enjoy it. Though I left severely sunburnt, I couldnt stop smiling. Again, this was the Lord’s word manifested.

Our church remodeled the sanctuary (we had been having service in the fellowship hall) and by Easter we had our first service in the beautiful historic “church.” Strange as it was considering this is the first real church building we’ve had service in, it was truly a blessing and honor to worship in a place created for such. God’s blessings and joyful laughter again.

Our finances were the best they’ve ever been. With Aaron working as a manager on a farm/fertilizer business and me working at a window factory, we were not only blessed but able to bless others, which truly made us happy. The Lord was smiling down on us, and we were in awe.

Among the many more joyous moments and times of great laughter, I can’t help but think about the last few months…after all the blessings, and God’s favor on us….now…a baby. I honestly feel rather speechless, and satan has tried lately to squash our peace and joy.

Our finances have plummeted, our sump pump broke during a heavy flood, the heat went out in my car, our electricity burnt out, I’ve battled morning sickness for 3 full months, our pellot stove motor stopped working (we very much need this thing to work), our well is contaminated with iron (no clue how) which is turning things orange and makes the water taste like blood! Somehow there was a misshap with taxes so we owe an additional 200 on top of over 5,000 we’ve paid so far, And I’ve contracted a bad cold just as I was feeling a bit better with nausea, I’m on day 5 of it and still struggling.

Funnily enough, I just found my basment flooded again due to a pvc pipe that came lose and disconnected putting our new sump pump through a workout. It was then I realized now was the best time to write my next blog, having not had wifi for several days I’ve really missed typing and sharing my journey.

This is week 14 in my pregnancy, and the baby is healthy ❤ despite my cold and everything that’s happened, God has kept the most important thing safe. And of course, I know everything else is in His hands too…it just gets overwhelming in the moment.

God is still good, and see! I carry the truth, it’s growing within me as I speak. You know…times of trials are not from God but they do have a knack of building our resolve. Testing the very things we’ve always said we believed. Aaron for example, learned at the beginning of our marriage that God is provider. Now, though we struggle financially he doesn’t have this fear…why? Because God’s proven Himself faithful..now we don’t just know He’s provider because we read it in the Bible, we “know” because we have experienced it time and time again.

We will continue trusting and believing…and laughing at satan and his petty attempts to break our unshakable hope ❤ a hope that came down and walked among us…his name? Jesus.

Things will break, money will come and go, illnesses will try to trip us, the rain will fall, and some nights will be cold, but some of the greatest blessings the world has ever seen came out of such times.

On a cold rainy night…our savior was born.


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