A Change of Plans

February 22, 2020

Saturday was going to be a great day…I woke up early and excited to take maternity pictures and to later celebrate Aaron and I’s 6 year wedding anniversary. We had just left my grandmas to continue taking pictures at our church when the unthinkable happened.

In a flash of blue, a speeding car flew past a stop sign and plowed into our 2010 Prius, hitting my passenger side. At that moment I didn’t see the miracle, I knew only the horror of being in a serious accident, slamming my head into “something”, I honestly can’t remember what…and thinking to myself as the dread reached my inner being, “my baby!!”

I can’t really explain the feeling, or feelings that all overcame me in those moments. Aaron was alright and my mom and uncle who had happened to be driving behind us stopped and tried to help. An ambulance was called and I demanded to go with them, all I could think about was my baby.

I’ve never had an ambulance ride, nor have I ever stayed at a hospital. This was totally against my plans! My first hospital stay was supposed to be the day I gave birth to my baby! And yet, there I was on my anniversary stuck in labor and delivery under observation for several hours.

As time passed, I began to realize the miracles/blessings that took place…what satan meant for evil, God took and turned it into good (as only He can do). A “change of plans” became a “change in perspective” for Aaron and I both.

It turns out that Aaron and the other driver swerved just enough so that instead of hitting my passenger door, our front tire took most of the blow. Also, our airbags didn’t deploy (something that has happened to me twice before) which saved us from receiving more damage. My seatbelt didn’t tighten around my belly and even though I hit my head, surprisingly, a bad goose-egg was all that came of it.

As for our baby, he was completely unharmed…and our observation yielded only good results. I was able to see our baby on the ultrasound again. the last I saw him was at 21 weeks pregnant, today I am 26 weeks. He was active and punching (all day) probably due to my nerves, but otherwise, he wasn’t in distress.

They told me that if I had been farther along, the results could have been different. Right now, he still has room to move and is protected by all the amniotic fluid and space. With each passing week as he grows, that space gets smaller as well as his “protection.” As I was reassured by doctors and nurses that I was lucky…I knew deep down that “luck” had nothing to do with it.

God saved my life. Again.

So many reached out to us in this time, even the maternity ward nurses blessed us, one nurse, in particular, took a liking to me and I found myself happy to see her each hour during my baby’s heart monitor readings. Before the end of her shift, she sent us a little surprise…


A cake and some pizza! On top of that our pastor and his wife brought us chipotle…many people helped us to celebrate our anniversary. satan’s “change of plans” couldn’t stop our celebration! Nor this new perspective of an even greater thankfulness and appreciation for all of God’s blessings and provisions.

Not long after, I was allowed to be discharged and sleep in my own bed! And Sunday, I saw the love of our church family through the live stream, while my amazing mother made us dinner in my kitchen. Aaron and I again had a celebratory feast!


Today, I am no longer really stiff, the whiplash has faded away and the bruise on my head is healing nicely. Financially, things are working themselves out and we choose to trust God in this just as we trust Him with our lives. My follow-up appointment went great! And my doctor even said, “God was looking after you.” Amen.

Emotionally I still am healing but with each day I feel better and less traumatized by the ordeal. It really was the greatest scare of my life (and that’s coming from someone who has had to face a fear of this caliber before). It will always amaze me how quickly things can turn, how a beautiful day can come to a crashing halt in the blink of an eye. All the more reason to thank God for every moment, to pray for protection regardless of how well life is going for you, and to remember that there is an ever-present enemy that never sleeps, and is after the children of God, those born and unborn.

At the end of the day, I learned that I still trust Him. That despite my recent doubts and unanswered questions about healing, I still believe He is Healer and He is Good. I realized this when my first response after the accident was to pray…

God, I’m sorry. I no longer desire to have all the answers…the only truth I need know is your goodness and your will. Anything, any thought that goes against this truth is a lie from the enemy. My beliefs are not dependant on what I see in this reality, no, they go beyond that. That is what faith is all about. Thank you, God, for protecting me and my family, we are yours forever…amen.


Has the enemy ever tried to “change your plans?”

In what ways has God brought beauty from ashes in your life?



10 thoughts on “A Change of Plans

  1. Wow! So glad you and your little one are OK!
    Coincidentally, my post this week is about when He protected MY “BabyBear” in a serious car crash – only she was out of the womb about 19 years. 😉 Amazing how He has every detail under control.
    You’d think the devil would figure out that every time he tries to destroy a child of God, it backfires and becomes a good story of God’s grace. 😉


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  2. Thank you God.You and your baby are safe now. This post just reminded me that all my friends I pray to keep safe and happy every night was answered. I include my online blogging friends too. I will never meet them but they are still friends and neighbors in this world. Also every day I try to remember to say thank you for another day, even if there were some things I may not have liked in that day, those were just life lessons to keep me strong and teach me what is really important. Have a great weekend and God bless you and your love ones.

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