Victims of Victims

Hands pointing fingers at each other. Blame concept.

“We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give it.”

-Abraham Lincoln 

Scrolling through social media it appears that the devil has won in his grand scheme to turn America and the world against each other. We the people is fading away and being replaced by us vs. them. You can’t go anywhere without feeling the offense, the fingers pointing at everyone but ourselves. Or have we forgotten the childhood phrase, “pointing is rude,” or “when you point, remember three fingers are always pointing back at you?”

My “point” is simply that we have believed ourselves victims for too long and use that as some mantel of power to victimize others. And for what reason? To what end? Honestly, we are playing into someone else’s hand, like puppets or sheep! It’s becoming sickening and downright impossible to find reason or a thirst for truth anywhere in this day and age.

Something must change. Righteous people must stand up before it’s too late…

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” -Abraham Lincoln

Good old Abe went down in history for a reason. He was wise, gentle, righteous, and believed in equality. His America is what’s on the line here and if he knew what was happening today, along with all our forefathers, they would be turning in their graves! Why? What they stood for, the America they would have died for, is nearly in the grave itself, all in the name of progression.

Strange the names they give us to describe their movements:

Progression, Reform, Agenda 2030: Sustainable Development, #inthistogether, #alonetogether, Lives Matter Movements, Pro-Choice, The New Normal, Socialism, Feminism…

The list goes on, and I’m not typing these to necessarily harp on some of the intentions behind them. Obviously, in word alone, these terms aren’t so bad. At least some of them, such as Black/White/Baby Lives Matter, I mean of course we all agree with that! and Progression in and of itself isn’t a “bad” thing, nor is coming together to seek Sustainable Development or to hold hands and say, “we’re in this together!” And Pro-Choice? I’m pro-choice in that I make choices every day…however…

These innocent terms hide a whole lot of evil in them. I mean, satan would never call something as it is. Just as he would never approach you as the wolf he is, but clothed in sheep’s wool.

The terms rightfully mean: Pro-Murder, Regression, Sustainable Control, #enslaved together, Certain Lives Matter More, Female Domination, Communism, etc. I think you see the picture here.

So long as the devil is ruler of this world we must always assume an agenda behind such large waves of societal change that involve the gradual erasing of God and His Word. Waves that travel and persuade through victimization, offense, hatred, manipulation, and even violence are all red flags that something is off.

God works in truth and love.

The devil works in lies and chaos. 

We’ve taken God out of the equation, we’ve removed the good book from our memory and in doing so, have idolized something in His place. Notice, how I say “we.” I too take ownership of my fellow American brethren, because I am an American. So long as I call this land MY land, and it’s people, MY people, I can’t hide from the atrocities nor can I stand apart from them because we all share the same title.

Makes things a bit more personal doesn’t it? Brings a bit more urgency to the table when you’re reputation is on the line, and you share in carrying the sins of a nation. Now, we can better understand the prophets of old who pleaded day and night for their nation and people to return to God. They never once said, “have mercy on them”, but “have mercy on us (me)!”

Satan stands on the side of humanity. He’s all for us humans staying human and seeking to be gods and to progress apart from God’s Will.

God stands on the side of Christ. When we are born again we are new creations, no longer “just humans” but eternal/righteous/saved beings with power and authority that basic humanity could never give us. We were made to reflect Christ, not Adam. And the only progression we should be seeing in our world and in our lives is a transforming progression into the image of Christ.

Jesus Christ.

That is the new term, the only name that will transform this country and world. You want equality? Jesus. You want love? Jesus. You want freedom? Jesus. You want unity? Jesus. You want justice? Jesus…

Stop taking on the devil’s titles, stop being his sheep. Stop believing in the media and letting them tell you how to feel and when to feel it. Seek first the kingdom of God, seek His Holy Spirit’s guidance in all things and you won’t be manipulated like a puppet.

This year has brought a lot of offense to the surface, and most of it was created and spread very much like the coronavirus fear was. The media has grown that powerful, in that it can plant an idea in the minds of those who watch it and then they sit back and watch that idea become an all-consuming flame of hate/fear/offense, furthering their own agenda and desire for power.

I’m not going to go into detail here on what I believe is happening and why. It isn’t biblical to join in the finger-pointing or to turn our attention and anger toward the flesh. Our battle isn’t against flesh and blood but against the devil at work in people’s hearts. He is guilty of it all. And will pay for his crimes in full.

Our job is to speak the truth in love, to pray, to worship, and to minister to a hurting world and a people/generation that feels fatherless. It isn’t to argue, or to pick sides, or to point fingers.

I’m a woman, a mixing pot of many ethnicities, a mother, a wife, a Christian, and an American. And most importantly, I’m a child of God.

Everyone has a list, an identity, and a value. In fact, everyone is priceless and Christ died for everyone. If we remembered this simple truth, perhaps we would never feel offended, insecure, or victimized. Christ would be enough and love for our brothers and sisters would come naturally as we see it displayed in the hearts of children.










2 thoughts on “Victims of Victims

  1. G’day and thanks for sharing! while i am not from your country, there are some truths in your post for all of us!

    “My “point” is simply that we have believed ourselves victims for too long and use that as some mantel of power to victimize others.” -True, we really do need to take some responsibility for our own dark stuff so we can love others better i reckon.

    “God works in truth and love.
    The devil works in lies and chaos”. – A great reminder

    Peace to you

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