He’s Here!!

James Leonard Slob
Born May 30th 2020
7lbs 1oz

On May 29th I celebrated my 26th birthday, hoping and praying that our son would come soon.

The long awaited answer to my prayers came the next morning at 3am when I woke up with cramps and a small water break. From there the clock started ticking…our son was coming soon!

I would go into details about how covid changed this experience for me, and how in some ways it tried to rob me of this joy. But I simply refuse to pay it even that much credit. God’s blessing far out weighs this cursed virus and its societal impact.

I will, however, give credit to all the mother’s out there who have labored without epidurals. Good Lord that was a pain like no other! Though I was induced and that brought what was originally the “end pain” to the beginning of my labor, with only 2-3 minute intervals of peace inbetween.

After hours of labor, once my epidural was doing it’s miraculous work, It was time to meet James. And at around 8:20pm he entered the world and changed our lives forever ❤

We stayed at the hospital 2 days and then brought our little bundle home. The first night brought me to tears as my milk hadn’t come in and James couldn’t be satisfied. That morning though God again came through and now I have plenty to feed him (even freeze for later use).

James is an easy baby, never cries, loves to look around and wave his arms when he’s hungry. He smiles during tummy time and loves to be bathed and held.

I honestly am overwhelmed by how much I love him. I never thought that such a depth was possible. Not to discredit my love for others, I’d die for my family and friends…but the love of a mother is something entirely new and terrifying. Another glimpse into the heart of Father God.

I am honored and blessed beyond measure. Thank you God for trusting me with your precious one. ❤ And thank you everyone for supporting and praying for me throughout this pregnancy journey. God bless you all!