2 Months of Bliss


“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, the bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.” -Anon

I am convinced that the greatest gifts in life come at a price. And that price is sacrificial love. Time and effort. Blood and tears. And sometimes, the price is all that you are and all that you have, which, without God, isn’t much…and yet, all He wants.

These past few months have been full of tests, fears, and adjustments. Not to mention, very little sleep, however, these pale in comparison to the joy, love, and fulfillment of motherhood. I love being a mom, and I love especially being James’s mom. God knew what He was doing when He chose me and Aaron to be this boy’s parents, not that we are perfect by any means. God is though, and He makes up for our imperfections and so long as we remain teachable, we continue to become “better” parents and people every day.

To all the mothers reading this, I know you can relate, and remember the long nights you spent caring for your little ones. I have an even greater respect now and appreciation for such love and sacrifice. And a greater wonder at how God created women. Who else can survive days without little to no sleep, or to back it up even further, can carry/grow a baby in the womb and birth the child, withstanding the greatest pain in doing so? I found a strength within me I never thought possible, and now get to enjoy the fruits of my labor and God’s blessing.


Motherhood has changed my body, but more so, my heart. I have different priorities now, and selfishness has taken a back seat. I don’t have time to be selfish or to chase after my own whims. A child is completely dependant upon his/her parent to meet their every need and desire. I had to remind myself many times to eat and drink or I simply forgot in my constant rush to keep James content.

I’ve noticed also, that a child can challenge one’s own weaknesses or pitfalls. If you had struggles in your marriage/spiritual walk before children, those will most definitely surface when you bring that new baby home. Some tips I’ve gathered these two months on how to overcome such hurdles are as follows:

  1. Make time for your spouse!! Put aside your mothering for a few hours each day and truly talk or spend quality time with your husband. If you can, schedule a date night each week and have some trusted friends or relatives watch the little one. You need this as much as your spouse! Believe me!
  2. Surround yourself with other Christian parents/mothers that you can call or meet up with whenever you feel overwhelmed or worried. Pull from their wellspring of knowledge and put your mind at ease.
  3. Take church with you. If you are struggling to make the early morning services due to lack of sleep or fussy baby, don’t fret. As time passes you will adjust and until then, worship with your baby at home, read your bible between naps or even read it aloud to your little one. Watch sermons online at a more suitable time.
  4. Find a routine. It takes a month or so, but your baby will adjust to a routine you set firmly. Nothing major since they still have to eat/sleep more than you, but with James, we have a pretty solid nightly routine/bedtime schedule set.
  5. Communicate your needs! You and your spouse are in this together and are a team. Take turns watching the baby, doing chores, etc. Respect each other and your needs for sleep/destressing or simply to eat a meal uninterrupted.

At 2 months, I know more than I did at 1 month and will know even more at 3 months. Motherhood is a journey of constant learning and growing just as your little one learns and grows in your arms. And boy, does time fly! Remember to enjoy every minute of it, even when your stressed and your baby is crying…someday soon your little one won’t cry for you anymore but will be strong and independent, ready to take on the world.

To all mothers reading this post, God bless you ❤