“For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear; I will help you.” -Isaiah 41:13

The word “dependency” is often tied with negative emotions. Who really wants to be dependent upon anyone? Sure, there are moments when we are grateful for help, but at the end of the day, we would often rather have not needed it at all.

Even children wish to grow from their dependency and become independent adults. But what children don’t realize is that though they will out-grow their dependency on their parents they will never out-grow their dependency on God, nor should they.

Mankind was created to depend on God. But God did give man a measure of power and responsibility; to tend and rule over the garden and its many creatures and to subdue the earth. But most importantly, God gave man a free-will.

The kind of dependency God wanted was the kind we see in a marriage relationship, in which both co-labor together in love. He wasn’t looking for slaves but friendship. And the only genuine friendship exists purely on choice, just as a married couple chooses love, even when the feelings of love aren’t always present. Love and dependency on God is a choice.

The devil knew that he could persuade Eve into believing the lie that God was unfair. That she didn’t need to depend on Him but could depend on herself and become “like God.” He taunted her with the promise of a freedom that was really a chained cell that would bind mankind for generations. Until Jesus came, died, and unlocked the prison door.

Now, we can restart and make the right choices. We can depend on God and He can depend on us (since He has limited Himself to working through us), and we can resume our assignment to subdue the earth (light up the darkness/take back the kingdom).

I don’t know if this word spoke to you today, I do know that we all struggle at some point with this desire to do it all by ourselves. Though our sin is forgiven we cannot erase the thoughts or ideas that the devil placed in our minds, just as we can no longer be ignorant to this world and it’s horrors like when we were children.

The devil is still whispering spiritual independency into the ears of sons and daughters of Adam and Eve today. He asks, “is God really all-knowing?” “Is He really good?” And those thoughts spiral into, “does He really exist?”

It is no wonder that the world keeps seeking all knowledge, keeps redefining what is good and keeps pushing toward relativism, the idea that we are gods.

When we do life on our own it’s very messy. We start to feel weighed down, exhausted, burned out, depressed and powerless…sounds like bondage doesn’t it? If you are carrying this weight today lay it at the feet of Jesus and say:

“Lord I’m tired of going it alone, I renounce the lies of the devil and reclaim my freedom in you, in the shadow of your wings I find rest, strength, and power. And unconditional love. Thank you God for never leaving my side, for helping me and blessing me more times than I can count. I no longer chose self, I choose you.”

You will accomplish so much more with God than you could ever accomplish alone. I promise you.

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