The Best is Yet to Come

My little boy is one!

As many of you have read from my previous posts. This year and last have been particularly difficult. With COVID, pregnancy/and birth of our first child, James. As well as our spiritual struggles as we sought to remain Faith-filled and close to each other and God in a world torn and warped by fear.

Now, we finally have climbed and clawed from the valley and, standing on the peak of God’s goodness, we see that the valley really wasn’t so deep and treacherous. It was our own mind, our disconnection from God that made a canyon out of it.

I keep discovering that my fears were pointless, over and over. From COVID, to health issues with myself and James, and financial hurtles. Everything I worked myself up over, giving away my joy and peace, never amounted to anything worth fearing.

God was with me and my family/friends.

COVID -my family and I caught it in October and the symptoms were very mild. God actually brought a blessing from it in that my husband (who was working 70 hrs a week) got to stay home with us for two weeks!

My health- since the birth of my son I had struggled with dizziness/lightheadedness as well as some other concerns which have all disappeared!

My son’s health-from breathing issues (strider), to acid reflux, illnesses, and chronic constipation have all disappeared. He just saw a GI specialist Friday and she gave him a clean bill of health saying that the constipation issues will right themselves out and Miralax will keep him regular til then.

Finances-The pregnancy and birth expenses, unexpected house expenses and struggles from COVID have all been covered one way or another. Aaron has been blessed with a great, stable, job and has so much favor there! He also was able to get a new position which allowed him to not only be home more but to pursue teaching music lessons (currently he is booked!).

God has also surrounded us with people who love us more than we can imagine. Their prayers and support has kept us from backsliding more than we realize.

Our marriage was also greatly tested during all this and God has brought us through, stronger and more in love. As love is ultimately a choice, an offering of sacrifice.

My son celebrated his first birthday on my birthday (he was born May 30th and I was born the 29th), and it was honestly a rough day but everyone came and it was so refreshing to see a mask-less room of smiles.

James has really grown into a beautiful, funny, strong willed, smart, and loving soul. He is very tall for his age, has 8+ teeth, and is always on the move. He loves sweet things, meat and potatoes, and chipotle with guacamole. Food lifts his spirit like nothing else 😂 but he also adores music.

Smash cake time!

He keeps me on my toes and I often go from stressed out of my mind to laughing and wanting nothing more than to hold him close. He’s the greatest blessing of God I could ever receive or “borrow” for this short time…

11 month picture

There is nothing more difficult or rewarding as being a parent. Life is just all the more sweeter, and imagining the days and years before I new James really gives me perspective of how much fuller my life is because he’s in it.

So, standing on this peak of God’s goodness I am in awe at the view.

Difficult times will find us all. And our minds will go through battles that leave us feeling alone and even cursed. In the middle of your pain you might lose sight of the mountain, the promises of God. But just remember that He is the God of the valleys and of the mountains. And He is working all things out for your good. Fighting your battles when you are unaware.

And so long as He is victorious, you will be too. Allow your valleys to mold you and grow your faith. And when you reach those peak moments, don’t forget to thank God and look at all He has done for you.

It’s time we stop asking, “what else could possibly go wrong?” And start saying instead, “the best is yet to come!”

How has God blessed you this year/last year?

What valleys has he helped you through?


4 thoughts on “The Best is Yet to Come

  1. Happy 1 year to your little guy! I’m glad God has given you some reprieve in this new year! Thankfully, it’s been the same for our family after a rough year last year. God is faithful, and we really relied on Him more during those difficult times. My favorite age is between 1-2 for little ones; it’s so much! I hope you stay strong and enjoy those upcoming months.

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