Take Your Medicine

“Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left.” -Aldous Huxley

Have you ever had your primary care physician tell you to eat right, exercise, sleep good, go to church, and surround yourself with friends/family/nature? Probably not.

Instead, I’m sure they’re responses tend to lean toward: “hey! There’s a pill for that!”

It’s no wonder that holistic medicine (natural remedies) are frowned upon in this modern era. There’s simply no money to be made from a healthy individual with a strong immune system.

Today’s Doctor’s aren’t the only ones to blame however. Think about old Doc’ Baker from Little House on the Prairie, for example. He was a good doctor because he told his patients the truth (a hard pill to swallow). He truly cared about their well-being to the point of offending/angering his patients. He wasn’t money hungry, but compassionate and selfless to the core. A true healer.

What happened to Doctor’s like that?

We destroyed them.

We wanted symptom managers, not actual cures. We wanted men and women who told us only what we wanted to hear and prescribed us quick and simple “remedies” that involved no sacrifice or change in ourselves or our life practices.

We, therefore, fanned the flames of medicinal perversion. What we see is what we get and what we (as a whole) wanted. Gone or hard to find are those who still care, who still pursue truth like the Doc’ Baker’s of old. Or in the very least, gone are those who remember what medicine truly is (was) and are now brainwashed into believing that the prescriptions they’re handing out are actually good for the body, leaving out the mind and soul.

-These “Doctors” are pushing for single parent kids to take many harmful drugs to satisfy lack of parental control/stability. (I’ve witnessed this many, many times working in childcare)

-“Doctors” are aborting children! Believing that it’s to the benefit of women’s health!

-“Doctors” are treating weight induced problems like diabetes, joint pain, heart disease, depression (in some cases), high blood pressure, etc. instead of tackling the source of the problem.

-“Doctors” are prescribing management medications for an array of mental illnesses without tackling the “cause or reason” behind the illness (of course I’m generally speaking for those who suddenly/gradually develop mental issues instead of being born with them).

And now, as Covid again rises and tries to strangle our country with fear. “Doctors” are continuing to push that which is not working all for the sake of $$ and compliance/popularity.

And what’s it doing to our health? This ignorance, selfishness, and fear?

Killing us.

There has been great technological advances in medicine that have saved countless lives, I don’t deny that. What I’m talking about is the growing imbalance. Medical intervention was supposed to be a seldom used option—not a first go to for our every ailment.

First and foremost, we healed/prevented illness through natural remedies, living good/healthy lifestyles, being a part of a community and through pursuing spiritual health/connection with God.

Today, we removed God from the equation (leading to poor mental health as we seek to fill an impossible void), we live unhealthy lifestyles (fast food/chemicals/GMO’s and hard metal contamination’s are literally causing severe developmental issues. Lowering male testosterone and prematurely rising female estrogen). We tend to live more secluded, not going to church, or living in close knit communities as we once did (also harming our mental health and herd immunity).

Many of us avoid nature and it’s rejuvenating powers, along with simply getting away from a tv/computer screen and going for a walk. (Being outdoors and moving helps lower depression and lethargy).

We’ve destroyed all that once made us strong and I find myself wondering what kind of weakened world we left for the next generation.

Masked faces, germx, chemical cleaners, quarantines, and forced experimental vaccines (many derived from the fetal cells of aborted babies)…all of these man made medical responses are costly.

As I battled yet another illness this year, I was promoted to post about this on Facebook, here is what I said:

I’m really starting to believe that illnesses (Covid including) are reacting negatively to our efforts to stop them. The truth is you can’t stop them, only speed up their mutations by giving them man made obstacles to overcome. Whereas before, all they faced was our immune systems—mutating slowly and normally in response to our bodies defenses (in turn making us stronger as a whole).

Now, we’ve upped the ante using germx, Lysol, masks, and yes, even vaccines! If they are going to survive they need to mutate quickly and become essentially near impossible to be offed. They need to infect faster and exhibit worse symptoms in order to keep spreading-despite our bodies and man made obstacles…they need to become unstoppable.

That’s how you create super germs. That’s how you upset the natural balance in which mankind remains a step ahead. In forcing everyone to treat Covid and illnesses (old, young, healthy, unhealthy) the same—we’ve essentially caused more issues for the old/unhealthy citizens.

I’m not against medicine! Or even all vaccines! They have done wonders for many! But there is a fine line that I think we have crossed, and it shows. Even doctors will say not to use antibiotics very often because it weakens the immune system. That vaccines aren’t always a guarantee, that the 1% of germs germx fails to kill are the ones who will become stronger.

Not all germs are bad. Probiotics are a prime example of this. They offer your body protection from viruses/harmful bacteria. Germx and medicines kill these good germs adding to the imbalance in our bodies and around us. What’s there to stop another pandemic? And will our weakened bodies withstand it? In the form of flu, pneumonia, and other illnesses? (The media keeps saying that this winter will be rough) why? Aren’t the masks working? The vaccines?

We are being forced into weakness and compliance by those who have “a cure.” Opposing voices are being silenced. Voices that tell you that you can help yourself by taking vitamin D/zinc (for example). What if the media (and other powers at work) want us to fully rely on them instead? They want our freedoms-but first they need our obedience. To get that they will try to convince us that they are our only hope. They’ll use fear and persuasion to draw us into their clutches.

Do you feel like illnesses are getting worse as a whole? That you’re getting sick more often? Do you know someone who had the vaccine and got Covid a second time?


7 thoughts on “Take Your Medicine

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    What an Excellent overview of the actual situation Hope. Immediately I was reminded of what I perceived in all of this Covid fiasco. How we are interfering with the natural capabilities of human immune response in a way that was previously not the case for a virus if left to its own devices while people’s immune response is also encouraged or left to its own natural built-in capability allows for a 99.98% recovery success, especially if some simple steps are taken none of which involve injecting experimental concoctions into our bodies that manipulate our genes while actually serving to not try teaching an old dog new tricks but instead teach a younger dog new ones such as how to overcome a person’s immune response to these new dogs who are eager to learn and quite capable!

    That in itself doesn’t sound too scary but what if at the same time that is happening the person’s immune system is also being trained to overreact and start doing crazy things like attack the immune system’s owner, and so like “a stupid pet trick gone wild” the person has such a hurricane over the top response take place, that the persons pulmonary system overwhelms itself with excessive fluid buildup and even bleeding as minute capillaries rupture and severe pneumonia begins taking place, while this same immune system fails to identify the new younger dogs learning their new tricks that now get them past the locked doors, and get inside the inner most barriers to help tear things up, making such a huge mess creating the “cytokine storm,” when things start going downhill fast; at that point nothing will help and respiratory failure occurs!

    I get very ticked off about this while insane scenarios that are being designed, because I suffered a catastrophic industrial scale pulmonary injury in a hazardous work environment that messed up my life at the time severely and then forced me into acute emergency medical care when previously being 100% healthy and youthful, especially for my age showing no signs of slowing down, and being like individuals half my age feeling like I could easily reach 100 to 110 years of age no problem; to then becoming a basket case on all types of Meds. Antibiotics and Bronchodilators a guy that never smoked or even touched pot! I ended up even finding out that not only was the medical profession getting hazardous to ones health but that the workers compensation bureaucracy and insurance company marriage designed not to help you and I, but rather to cover or protect someone else’s backside for profit namely the corporations and insurance companies, so the lawyers for the most part are working in a failed system and are like doctors these days, mostly appeasers not real honest problem solvers or protectors of human beings!

    I ended up being blessed to have the one judge in the whole system at that time who was going to listen to me and my determined request to defend myself while very ill, when it’s the courts interest to just move the case on out of the system quickly and efficiently, but my explaining myself sincerely and well enough, while also hedging my own bets because God was really helping me to perceive so many things simultaneously to clearly discern all factors like a good lawyer, that I could and would play a bit of politics or use the perceived leverage I had in my particular politicized circumstances to my advantage tactfully, and, I could project or articulate that I have such advantage clearly, to give pause to my request enough for the judge to say to me; that I could try this approach! And so then I went on to prove myself as a scientific deductive logic minded person, as well as a good lawyer be it Pro Se, without ever having a single law school course in my life! So my case instead of being put into the typical revolving door and booted out of the system as quickly as possible turned out to be an unusual case that went on for nearly four years while I tactfully fought my own battle and asked Jesus Christ to help me each day!

    Another saving grace from God was early on I went to a top world renowned medical institution to get an assessment and by a God Send was placed into the care of a great humanitarian lady doctor/scientist/professor/department chairperson director at a most prestigious medical school, who was more old school than most any doctors these days and who once we had established our perfect doctor patient relationship could fully trust each other working together toward the most important common goal we absolutely had, which was my survival and success on all fronts! She said at that point to “remember moving forward Lawrence, that any other doctors you may need to acquire in addition,” to her wonderful care that as she went on to put it, “make sure they have your best interest at heart!” How many doctors or people these days take responsibility like that; and totally mean it without any doubt? I can tell you as my dilemma went forward I found she was like a diamond, like a saint or angel, I so love that woman; and nobody else came close to being like her, as I did see several other specialists over the course of my ordeal, but, I look back and see how with all of them it was the bottom-line and just going along to get along with them for the most part; as they were not that interested in me or my life!

    So I shared all of this to say that this is how we all have to look at the current situation with regard to Covid and all of these bureaucratic decisions being made about our personal health and freedoms! Who is really going to care at the end of the day about you the way this saintly beautiful woman doctor did for me! Do you think these politicians or most doctors out there do and will? Not a chance, so we have to discern carefully and wisely moving forward; and always seeking Jesus to help us make the right decisions.

    I was actually sleeping and suddenly woke up to find this posting here in my mail after only a few hours’ sleep just like I used to do when I was fighting my own case and would wake up writing what popped into my thoughts explaining my own objections or motions in the legal brief coupled with hard science that my beautiful humanitarian doctor provided to me, so that I could succeed and I did in the end pretty darn well; enough so that the Judge liked and respected me just as I did him and it was a good experience for us all to learn from in the end! He, this judge went on telling me how, “No lawyer could have or would have done any better,” than I did for my own case! This is what I hope I can pass on to people n this story here, to seek out the balance and the true guidance from our Lord that is there for the asking, but, we have to be willing to do the work or hang in there until we succeed or reach the final stage of getting to the destination God sees fit in that given circumstance!

    Your line in this great article that jumped out at me right away was this; “He wasn’t money hungry, but compassionate and selfless to the core.”

    That’s just like my wonderful humanitarian doctor God brought me to!

    That is the problem today so many people are in it for self and money! A corrupted “Ways of the World” dynamic that pollutes and corrupts everything it can! We have to find ways around that game plan because we and our bodies that God designed for us to live healthily in are capable of miraculous potentiality and we don’t need some bizarre concocted toxic injections designed by not necessarily good men that “have our best interest at heart;” but who only care about power and bigger and more money! That was of course the premise behind this vaccine push both money and power or Control.

    God bless you and all those who need help in this severely trying time. Amen.

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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    1. Thank you for sharing! I’m glad that you are doing better and that God brought you favor in your case!

      My uncle (who has COPD from working in a paint factory/smoking), caught Covid last year and survived just fine. He had the vaccine only a few months ago and no more than a week after he developed near fatal heart conditions that required a defibrillator/pacemaker to be installed. He’s never had heart issues previously-until now.

      I also know a pastor who works as a chaplain at our local hospital. He discovered that many of the the Covid cases there are those who already had the vaccine. Apparently, the vaccine was useless and not even helpful considering they were still hospitalized.

      I really pray that people turn off the news and seek out answers for themselves. There’s plenty to be found that defy what the media is saying. And once they have made up their minds I hope they do as you did, standing firm in their belief and pursuing justice until it’s theirs for the taking.

      God bless!

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      1. You’re very welcome as usual Hope! First I’m glad to hear about your uncle’s God Blessed Recovery!
        I use no commercial Big Pharma drugs now and actually I won my legal case well enough but even better God blessed me with a miraculous recovery to near pre-injury condition in the pulmonary department although the whole ordeal did take a chunk out of my overall health balance mainly stress related, but not much different than just typical aging for all of us eventually! I can still “walk talk and chew bubble gum at the same time;” one of my Mom’s sayings, as I always could, so that is great and if I want to climb up into a tree or onto the roof of my house I still do fine! Miracles do happen!

        This part of your comment bothered me a lot; “He’s never had heart issues previously-until now.” I’m sorry to hear that because it is par for the course in many people not having any previous condition but post vaccine suddenly they do!

        This is a bad thing this vaccine and I have family, friends and neighbors that got it too; I pray for them all but I will never accept one and I never get the flu shot each year! I allow my God given immune system to do its job, and I of course take precautions to limit exposure in a severe flu season but building the immune system with even good gut health and probiotics is best overall. I know how all people can’t go it alone or have the luxury of dong it the way I do, so they are between a rock and a hard place, like a couple that are friends of mine who both got all the shots early on being that they both have autoimmune disease. Its sad it’s come down to this kind of choosing, but I still so far think I should be a fighter “mind over matter” and use the equipment that God gave to us. And just like your article said perfectly; use those healthy living tips that doctors don’t talk about anymore!

        Hope my dear Lady and Sister in Christ it’s all perfect what you said, and this stands out, “I really pray that people turn off the news and seek out answers for themselves.” I have a sister that when the whole Covid mess began would not shut off her TV and only listened to MSM after I told her to stop it and don’t listen to any of those people! She got the shots but now that so much is coming out about the truth and how people like me were erring on the side of caution discerning offering some good advice, she does suffer just mentally knowing like billions they made the wrong decision just accepting and doing what they were told, when the fraud was so obvious.

        And for a virus if dealt with properly allows a 99.98% survival rate! I wish I could help that now but I tried so hard to warn and write about it from the start providing the top counter arguments from the best people in the world, but, nobody was listening to me and many not even to those honest experts! It’s always been this way since when I was a teen I would see things and warn loved ones or friends but they never seem to listen! Maybe once in a while they would but more times than not most want to do what they want to do; and maybe just resist me or whatever, I don’t know!

        Keep up all of the good work and prayer! Amen.
        God bless you and yours!

        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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  2. Boy do I know that to be true.
    Being a natural health practitioner I cannot tell you how many times I suggested simple a change in diet to relieve a health problem. They would become very indignant and rather that take responsibility for their health, preferred a pill to make them feel better. They were informed to go someplace else.

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    1. Thank you for sticking with your field despite the backlash! I never even knew about holistic medicine until recently. And I never felt so loved and genuinely cared for. I believe someday ppl will return to practitioners like you-especially as the veil is ripped off and people begin to see the truth about modern medicine. The more zealous they become about controlling us—the more they will inadvertently push patients away. I only hope that they will accept your care instructions. People have this wrong idea of freedom. They think it means you can do whatever you want. When really freedom is restraint. A disciplined body, mind, and spirit is a truly free one.

      God bless you!


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