“Unplanned” Movie Review & Discussion

The story behind Abby Johnson, once a leading director for Planned Parenthood—now a pro-life activist.

I must admit, it took me a few years to watch this movie because of the subject matter. I am obviously pro-life and work with children on a weekly basis. Now I’m also a mother which sheds a whole new perspective on the matter of abortion.

It wasn’t long before I was bawling (the movie begins with Abby’s defining moment—which led to her immediate resignation from PP). From there, it then backtracks to her college days where, like many of us, she was young, naive, and oh so rebellious.

Movie Summary:

Separated from her Christian parents, she quickly fell into the devil’s schemes of deception and sin. She was intimate with a boy, became pregnant, and (out of fear/convenience) had her first abortion.

Later, she married the same guy, and quickly wanted out. He cheated on her and she divorced him—but not after discovering she was pregnant again. Hating her ex and not wanting to be tied to him she had another abortion.

In the midst of all this she became involved with PP, and even had one of her abortions through them. It was one of the most traumatic experiences for her because of the pain and blood loss—something that PP had not told her would happen.

Despite this, she was convinced into supporting PP and even working there after attending a college job fair. They fed her more lies; “it’s not a baby yet, you know?”, “PP’s goal is to lower the abortion rates not raise them.”

It was her first job. And it involved running out to the cars and hurrying patients indoors before they could hear anything from the pro-lifers shouting through the fence bars at them. She truly believed she was helping women and many of the pro-life voices were so full of hate that it deepened her commitment.

She moved up and up until one day she was appointed director of the clinic. This didn’t come quickly—she had remarried a good man and had become pregnant, this time, keeping her child against PP’s advisement.

As time passed, it became clearer to Abby that PP was actually pushing abortions over their other services, lying to patients about the risks, side-effects, and mental trauma, and manipulating women into killing their children instead of taking a neutral stance.

Abby witnessed more atrocities, the near death of a high school girl who was forced into getting an abortion by her father, the valuing of money and image over women’s health and safety, the heartless way they handled patients and worst of all—their unborn babies, was almost too hard to stomach at times.

Finally Abby’s defining moment came, one that would forever change her. She was called in to actually witness an abortion on an ultrasound. She stood in shock as the doctor, like some awful predator, pursued the baby, who struggled and fought to avoid him. In mere moments he had succeeded and the baby was ripped apart on screen for her to see.

She put in her resignation and faced for the first time the full weight of guilt and shame at what she had done. Hundreds, thousands of precious humans killed…and she took part in it, as well as in the death of her own two children.

PP sued her on unfounded claims and she walked free with the help of a lawyer and her new pro-life friends from Coalition of Life. Who has often prayed outside her clinic.

God walked her through repentance and self forgiveness and she has now dedicated her life to “life.” Literally so, in that she is a mother of seven children, a pro-life author (Unplanned is based off of her book), created and manages an anti-abortion ministry called “And Then There Were None,” which helps women leave the abortion field and regularly attends conventions and speakings.

Honestly, I thought the movie really opened my eyes to what happens in PP and other abortion clinics. The numb self denial and deception, the brainwashing, the dehumanizing way they treat babies and even the mothers is sickening when viewed from outside in. But to these women who are involved, they really don’t see it. They have no idea they are chained down and actually in many ways—anti-choice, anti-women, anti-life, and anti-God especially.

We see this anti-God in how Abby and her coworkers talk about church and their Christian families during the lunchroom scene.

Abby was told from the beginning that abortion was necessary, that they were merely a clump of cells, often formless and unable to feel pain. She saw the desperation in women and wanted to free them from it—not realizing that it only added to their pain and suffering. When she finally witnessed an abortion from the viewpoint of the fetus—she knew immediately it was life and capable of fear and pain.

The last shred of morality within her cried out and longed to save that which was innocent and good.

The modern day feminist is truly the death of femininity. The nurturing, life-giving aspect of women is being squashed and replaced with the pursuit of knowledge and power. The God of self.

After this movie I couldn’t help but hold my son close. Disgusted and ashamed of the ways we inadvertently support PP and it’s views in our society.

From the food we eat, clothes we wear, music and media we listen to, words we speak, makeup we plaster our faces with, and healthcare we empty our pockets to…

Vaccines, food preservatives, taxes…we’re the biggest supporters of the thing we hate. We keep these places in business and we propagate the need behind them.

Today, I researched ways in which I could fight against the grain of injustice. I discovered which major food/beverage companies support PP and even utilize fetal cells in the creation of its products. The list was insane! The abomination is so interconnected and hidden that even Gerber got away with it!

If you’re interested in this list here is the link: https://www.kingdomclaritylabel.com/news/a-comprehensive-list-of-food-companies-and-products-that-use-senomyx

This list I’m sure is not all-inclusive. But a good start—fortunately, the less processed foods and drinks you use the less likely it is affiliated. I try and stick with store brand and unprocessed items myself.

As for vaccines, I know almost all of us had many that were on the list. Both in childhood and given to our own children. The most recent of which, the COVID vaccines are no better (Project Veritas uncovered the truth behind their usage of fetal cells). Unfortunately, this knowledge isn’t exactly power over the vaccine mandates because in order to justify not complying over religious reasons—you would have to hold this stance with everything else.

In other words, I’ve seen healthcare workers file religious exemptions over this and still lose their jobs because they had either had other vaccines with fetal cells in them or had/have products in their homes that use fetal cells. You could claim ignorance if it were true, but because of the worldwide web—we have access to these facts one way or another and have to live with what we know.

I’ve recently made the decisions for my son to have his normal vaccines, I hold a stance against the COVID vaccine on accounts of it being dangerous/experimental and unnecessary. I also stand firm against it because of the political agenda behind it. But above all else I should stand against it for the fetal cells, the genocide of innocent children that was used to create it.

Should I also avoid all other vaccines that are affiliated? Polio…mumps…measles etc? It is a messy situation we find ourselves. In which we too have been brainwashed and have grown numb to the grey of this world. The line is blurry between good and evil at times…this should not be.

Lastly, I look into ways I could be a pro-life activist and saw that the options were rather limited. Not so in a spiritual sense but in a “what can I do with my own two hands” sense.

The only option was to volunteer at a pro-life pregnancy center near me. In our hometown this is called, “Voice of Hope.”

I had gone through the programs myself when I was pregnant since we are a single income family and they had such a surplus or resources like toys, diapers, wipes, clothes, and even free ultrasounds for women who can’t afford it.

Despite this, there is little else that these centers offer. At least that is the voice of many secular women looking for emotional support and financial help.

Women complain of the religious components of these programs, having to take lengthy courses in order to receive free clothing and such, and feeling misunderstood when it comes to their needs and wants. Most of the women who go to these centers are already planning on keeping their babies so it isn’t exactly reaching those who are on the fence or who are wanting abortions.

There is, I believe an answer for every need and it’s unique to each person. That is why I don’t personally discredit the existence of these centers. The truth is, every pregnant woman has multiple resources and paths to take—-not all of them are easy, but society still favors the women and her success.

Churches should be the ones to come alongside hurting mothers. Families, parents, grandparents, husbands….they all play a vital role in child-rearing! This “feminist” culture is destroying the family and in destroying the family they are destroying women and their function to create life and nurture it. Instead we are told to work, pursue our own dreams and careers and abstain from anything that would hinder that. Much like what Abby discovered at PP when she wanted to start her family.

It’s time we start redefining as a nation what we stand for and what really matters. If we really wanted abortion, suicide, domestic violence, divorce, drug abuse, neglect and child abuse, alcoholism, and poverty to drop we wouldn’t shrink back as a church but press all the more forward.

We know that you cannot stop evil by committing more evil. (Like fighting fire with fire),

We know what these people are needing in to their lives! What they are missing and trying to fill with meaningless short-term happiness/gratifications!


And it’s time the church learns what it means to love like Christ again.

Love is the only thing that will talk a person off of a cliff edge. It is the only thing that will reach them.

And so I ask what will you do to fight injustice? In what ways will you love and support your hurting women and families in your life or in your town?


5 thoughts on ““Unplanned” Movie Review & Discussion

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    This makes me cry and get so disgusted! It’s truly a nightmare horror!

    “She stood in shock as the doctor, like some awful predator, pursued the baby, who struggled and fought to avoid him. In mere moments he had succeeded and the baby was ripped apart on screen for her to see.”

    I’m far from being any violent or vengeful person but it’s so good I’m not around such things to witness it because I think I would go out of my mind and tear that so called doctor limb from limb! Where is the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm; with these monsters? I think if these people ever had a conscience or any modicum of integrity to begin with; because if any existed in these butchers not doctors; they flushed it down the proverbial toilet, just like so much what PP refers to as “just tissue,” not a human most helpless innocent baby’s body created in God’s image!

    This other statement blows my mind how a woman, any woman who can give birth which Obviously I have no idea what that is really like but I’ve always admired while fully respecting this gift that women have of being capable of; in that they act as the conduit of bringing another of God’s children into this world which makes me so joyous to see any female do this! Only a woman shares her entire life and body with an unborn human being; creating such an extraordinary and eternal bond as I see it, so miraculous!

    This additional quote stirred me deeply as I think of the radical departure that many women have taken from what it means to be a female and truly feminine; especially when it comes to carrying a child in them. The poster child that came to my mind immediately, for this type of hardcore what are to me actually ugly females is Alyssa Milano, who I mention in one of the blogs listed here.

    “The modern day feminist is truly the death of femininity. The nurturing, life-giving aspect of women is being squashed and replaced with the pursuit of knowledge and power. The God of self.”

    This headline is included in one of the following essays, “Presbyterian, Baptist Churches Join New Coalition of Churches to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions.” And I have to say point blank I’m beyond disgusted and ill with the human race and its near total abandonment of morality, when even Christian churches are promoting abortion! So to me this poisons my outlook on so many levels, as people live for today and take all they can hurting and ruining anything in their way, as they live so selfishly and barbaric; actually evil. There will be a price to pay for all of this what can only be classified as evil in my honest opinion, and for all actions of a moral nature there are consequences for those wrong actions which are so obviously wrong; yet they are being taken day in and day out! This full of itself human race today is worse than what the Mayan barbaric savages of that long past pagan hideous Empire did when they sacrificed adults and babies to various false gods! Today we have NO EXCUSE, we have much knowledge of forethought and wisdom available in a sophisticated global system with complex technology and societies, so all the more hideous is it to have Industrial Scale Abortion running rampant with evil diabolical sub humans like Fauci and others using aborted fetuses for all manner of experiments, I must even say worse than what Josef Mengele performed in Nazi death camps in WWII!








    This next to final link, one of my essays in which I mention the science fiction story of “The Island of Dr. Moreau” I have to say I’m positive this kind of evil and far worse is happening someplace right now and human beings are being manipulated for sinister most diabolical purposes, so this whole subject we’re on here is proof enough to me that we are absolutely in End Time!


    This last link to “The Flip Side,” Ashley Cleveland who I really like talks about her book “Little Black Sheep” and her early pregnancy which was totally at the wrong time for her but how she handled it and why. She talks on CBN and there are a couple of other video clips included.

    I had this to say in that essay: Hot Dam! I just watched these interviews again and cried! In her own words, she said, “Come to Christ, You can’t come to Christ and not be changed!”

    I had written about Abby Johnson and Ashley Cleveland at about the same precise time so it was meant to add up to a good message as I see it. Which this following excerpt states!

    I see how my inspired writing today all ties together with this previous essay and these songs, connecting Ashley, Abby and God’s purposes; “Giving us Shelter” if we truly turn to Him and give our hearts!

    This all tells me we are in a spiritual battle like nothing ever witnessed on earth before so we must remain sober as well as committed to God through Christ Jesus! Amen.
    God bless you.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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  2. Sorry Hope I left out my thought at the time of posting the reblog about being so upset if I were to witness such brutality.
    “because there is righteous indignation in God’s eyes so I think I would go out of my mind and want to tear that so called doctor limb from limb!”

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    1. I’m right there with you. Doctors who do this should have their medical license taken away and face trials/prison for their crimes. THEY are the ones who do know what they are doing—killing babies, and what’s worse is they make a living doing it.

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      1. Hi Hope! This whole subject drives me to my wits end! I think where justice is and actually where is humanity with perhaps the majority of the human race? Back in the 90’s a good man and relative through marriage said to me nothing is sacred anymore, and I knew he was upset and why having been a Huey gunship pilot West Point Graduate in the Vietnam War and having lost a leg when his ship got hit with a rocket propelled grenade! I would ask him things about the war and we’d get talking about a variety of subjects and this man never quit, he went on to continue being a port authority pilot to retirement and raised a family with his wife who was an RN. But, I’ll be blunt, I had a much brighter outlook back then and talking with him was a good reality check on being thankful for all we’ve got and the glass really looked half full which now I’m sorry to admit having been an eternal optimist all of my life since a boy; that glass is not half full or half empty either, really its cracked and leaking, so I don’t see much reason for any optimism about the human race other than God Almighty having the final say in all things, and I know that will resolve all issues when that time comes but it would be great if the Second Coming would get here sooner rather than later!

        I look around and say look what these spineless leaders and racketeer politicians have done with letting the CCP get put on some pedestal and basically write their own ticket for world dominance and communism taking center stage in the future of the planet, and they were the main reason our soldiers had to go through all that hell in Nam along with the common people there being put in a meat grinder or the killing fields, yet fast forward and these despots now intentionally ruining everything they touch; make all of that past sacrifice, misery and death basically for nothing, because they all sell out now to the highest bidder for wealth and that bidder is the CCP! I know local politicians that were waiting for their ticket to the big time in the DC Swamp and they got it and right away got going doing just like the Pelosi’s, Biden’s and all the rest setting up family in China with the ring leaders there to make the mountains of cash to sell us out! Then even some Christian churches are promoting the massacre of innocent human beings in and out of the womb; my mind shorts out and I say God please help me I want to be anywhere but here at times; but then I know it’s never up to me I have to do what you put me here to do God, so I will keep doing my best. But I try and even cry while still nothing seems to help because more and more people are out to lunch it seems and don’t even care; so how will anything be sacred here again without you Lord stepping in and taking care of business once and for all! I mean the greed and lust in this human race is so horrible its beyond unconscionable and sinister; I think a majority of people at times must have little to no conscience or heart! I’m so glad Jim Caveizel and Mel Gibson have the outlook and faith they do while using their capabilities to promote Jesus and the faith proving some people with wealth and stature are truly not in it for greed or material success which I left Hollywood at the time when I was getting a foot and then all of me into the door there; but because I saw way too much of the plastic people thing and a hidden darkness was growing in that world that I’m sure God made sure I recognized that wasn’t where I belong, and then that got confirmed recently when Out of the Shadows, the documentary told the story! One of my sisters who paid attention to heavy metal and such even said I did the right thing staying away because it’s gotten so bad over the years since when I left that scene!

        Anyway sorry to rant but the bottom-line to me in all of this extraneous talk of mine is I see far too many celebrities and powerful business people along with top politicians going deeper into the darkness I mention and they don’t care one Iota what happens, so to me so many are possessed with evil and this has a huge effect and trickles down into society as a whole; which all in the end hurts the most precious and vulnerable the babies and children in such a corrupted and decadent Man Made Corrupt System! Like I say; to see the few outstanding examples fighting through all of that and carrying the torch of truth and virtue is beautiful like today’s saints, and that does make a huge difference for me to want to keep looking ahead to God’s plan coming to fruition; so I’m no better than anyone, I have to hang in and see what I should do to help; one day at a time!

        You’re so right about those doctors and I am so upset even again now thinking of them, if I could be let alone in a room with one of them, I would make sure he couldn’t perform the removal of a broken toenail let alone a beautiful little baby ever again; I’d want to make sure those hands couldn’t tie shoelaces! And the politicians are robbing the candy store while selling us all off as chattel; I pray this ends sooner like I say than later!

        Thanks Hope for putting such a great effort into doing right and presenting this excellent posting that brought me back to focusing more on it myself, A reality check and perspective sharpening is always good; so if nothing else I will pray even harder and more! I’m sure happy to see that Abby saw the light which says a lot, and then says it like it is, which is so good of her too! OMG so many people need great forgiveness and I know Jesus can solve all that; if a genuine contrite heart is begging for mercy with true sincerity but there are so many out there that are so hideous and actually wicked people. I actually began to write another short essay early today that I put aside and I don’t like to stir people up but then I have to say what I see wrong sometime! That stems from your essay just like Jim Caveizel came up today as connecting dots again; God giving me a clue or wake-up call!
        God help us!
        Take care and have a beautiful Sunday with your family! Amen.

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