Stirring the Pot

Anyone else have difficulty holding their tongue these days?

To the morally and biblically bound, it seems as if the world has lost its mind. And what better place to air our frustrations than the media.

I find it exceedingly difficult at times to hold my tongue when I’m scrolling Facebook and come across posts that press me in all the wrong ways. But is it really worth saying my piece?

Should I stir the pot?

“You’re never going to win an argument on social media,” a pastor once told me. How true his words were. No matter how kind, persuasive, and understanding I try to be, my words always seem to pass unheard over the screaming rage of those in spiritual denial.

I’m not saying that we should never speak. But, perhaps the social media isn’t the pulpit in which we are to wage this war. A war that is purely spiritual won’t be won by emotionalism and eloquent speech. It is only won through relationships.

Prove to the world that what we believe is right by how you live and love. Stand strong and unmoving in your peace and faith, and always be the first to surprise your enemies with an act of mercy and compassion.

Let go of the hatred, the malice toward the person (our battle is not against flesh and blood, remember?) and just mirror the heart of Jesus.

He maintained truth even while He ate with sinners, they never once felt unloved or judged by Him. In fact, it was the religious Pharisees that were offended by His love!

This world may seem crazy, but if you only knew the truth behind the crazy…the brokenness, pain, shame, fatherlessness, and more that fuels the flames of this new age thinking, maybe then we can start to understand and love a little deeper.

Our words are void without works to prove their legitimacy. Walk what you preach. Raise families, have children, read the Bible in your home, pray, go to church…change the world.

And instead of stirring the pot—you will have stirred a revival instead.

God bless you all as you face opposition and persecution for your beliefs. God wants to use you and likewise, transform your own heart into His likeness.

This Christmas, do not shrink from the traditions, do not cover up your light, sing to Jesus, attend Christmas Eve services, celebrate our Lord’s birth just as before. Spread the love to those who need it most. Give! Bless a family in Jesus name with money, gifts, or food. Pray for those who are hurting and surround them so that they aren’t alone.

Be the church again! And fear not…fear not for your possessions, your finances, your very life. The Lord will bless you for your passionate faith.

Amen ❤️


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