The Good Guys

I’m 29 weeks pregnant and to say time is flying is an understatement. Each day is a blur of toddler demands, runny noses, and baby kicks.

It’s been difficult in all the madness to even process what awaits us in 10 weeks. Will I still be able to hold my first child close and watch Blippi? Will I be able to read him books and tuck him into bed?

I’ve had to face the undisciplined way we live as an article so pointed out my flaws by saying; “at least before baby 2 comes, your toddler is going to bed at 8 regularly.” I love how they assumed that. 😑

Despite all my best efforts, my child goes to bed at 11 and stays up talking and singing in bed til 12:30-1am. And as for potty training? It’s been hit or miss…

Can I even hope for normalcy with two kids? I honestly don’t know. But despite my flaws as a parent, I’ve done something right.

James is a loving boy, gentle, and excited for his new brother. He loves to help and lately, he loves superhero’s, namely Spider-Man (or rather, Spidey and His Amazing Friends). Watching Spidey, Spin, and Ghost Spider protect the city by stopping the villains has led to my son wondering what makes a good guy “good” and a bad guy “bad.”

At first, he asked me, “is Spidey a bad guy?” “How about Rhino?” “The Green Goblin?” It was easy to answer those questions because their actions spoke for themselves. Do they hurt people? Then they are bad. Do they help people? Then they are good.

But those questions soon involved a lot more. Am I a good guy? He asked. And so went his questions about who in his life is good and bad, not leaving out a single person, animal, or thing.

Do we beat up bad guys? My little boy once wanted to be a doctor, now he wants to beat up bad guys 😂 watch out Spider-Man. His questions though led me to think about people and things in a deeper way. In real life, bad guys aren’t always so transparent. Good guys can be bad, bad guys can be good. It’s all rather difficult. Even I am capable of making mistakes that would make my son think I was bad. Yikes!

With all his questions I try to be honest and I don’t diss the effort to explain things that are too complex. Because I know, having worked with kids, that they are capable of understanding more than we realize. And more importantly, that if we don’t give them an answer, they will find the answer through some other way or some other person.

I’m sure you can see the potential harm in that.

And so, as my son nears his 3rd birthday, I will continue to explain and demonstrate what good is. The only way I can do that without fail is to turn him to God and His definition of good. Before the world teaches him their definition. I will instill the truth in his good heart. A heart that longs to be a hero needs first to have their own heroine. I hope that in time…Spider-Man won’t have all the answers, won’t be the ultimate hero in his life…in time, I hope he sees that Jesus is his hero. He doesn’t fail. He doesn’t show up too late but is always on time. And He is truly good.

“Am I a good guy?” He asks me innocently. “Yes, honey…you are good and you’re on the side of the good guys.”