Sodom’s Fate

2010 Flordia Trip 003

There stood a man upon a hill

His face was set, his body still

He stood because no one will

He stood for justice on that hill

His gaze it fell upon the world

Where love was lost and hearts had chilled

He stared at Sodom on that hill

The fate of the world, standing still

So much sin, had it been filled

In his hands he held it all

In one death, does Sodom fall?

In the other mercy, for some or all?

That’s why he faltered on that hill

He must make sure their fate was still

If ten or more he will relent

For his love cannot be spent

Nor his justice be bent

The truth is deep and deeper still

He loves that city on the hill

But deny himself he cannot

So does Sodom fall, or does it not?



The Final Battle

A scene indescribable, Armageddon begins. The battle of battles, yet knowing who wins. Victory! Victory! On everyone’s lips. The demons stand shaking, losing their grip. Their eyes cannot stray from the man on the rock, whose eyes are ablaze, zealous for God. He points with one finger, and the angels take flight, attacking the demons, a fearful sight. Nothing can break the explosion of light! The darkness scatters, eternal delight.