Pregnancy: Ups and Downs


“A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.”

-Carl Sandburg

I’m 24 weeks into this pregnancy journey, and boy…has it been a journey! Sometimes it feels like I’m in the back of a speeding car, other times, it’s as though I’m stuck in an empty void of “waiting.” I want to meet our child and yet, once he’s here, everything will change forever. That’s a good thing! But also, a scary thing indeed.

“Am I good enough?”

I am grateful that this question hasn’t crossed my mind, but that is only because of my faith in God. Do you know that He created you to be the best mother for your child? All of His created families are a perfect match, no matter how imperfect some of our moments are, that doesn’t change His belief in you. If God believes in you, then you are more than qualified for the job.Β  πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

At 24 weeks labor and the thought of “motherhood” still seems so far away, but getting closer every day. My focus has been solely “one day at a time” since the symptoms alone can be overwhelming!

Heart palpitations, pelvic pressure (makes it easy to overeat), Braxton Hicks contractions, fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches, skin problems, stretch marks, and random mood swings!

Yes, those are enough to be getting along with, though the pesky nausea that so plagued the beginning of this journey is basically over, besides the oversensitive “gag-reflex” which makes brushing teeth a tricky business.

My only joy has been in planning the baby shower and feeling our baby move, kick, and punch on a more regular daily schedule. (Generally, he is awake in the morning and late evening though eating/drinking and bending can stir him to action also)

I’ve discovered that pregnancy doesn’t always come with that “glow” everyone talks about. I’m torn between loving the baby bump look and hating the skin problems such as stretch marks and random blotchiness that comes from the rapid expansion of your body. Sometimes I have that energy and joy that many said I would experience in my 2nd Trimester, and other times, I feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and flat out tired!

It is a rollercoaster of new experiences for first-time mothers and because every pregnancy is different it’s hard to not feel “alone” on this journey. Even with your trusted spouse at your side or other more seasoned mothers reaching out to you.

I fail quite often in pulling myself out of these moments but here is what I have learned so far, I hope these tips will be helpful to you as well. A pregnant mother’s mental health is just as important as her physical one!

  1. If you are feeling down, don’t withdraw or allow yourself to become angry. And don’t lay around!! You want to pick up your spirits real quick? Get out of the house and move around, whether that’s a brisk morning walk or just doing some chores around the house/yard. Moving seems to really work at erasing the depression and in fact, sitting around can be what’s causing you to feel down. It’s hard to get started, believe me, I know! But once you do I guarantee you will feel better.
  2. Feeling overwhelmed and anxious? Talk to people! Even if they can’t completely know what you are going through, talk to them anyway. Venting is a great stress reliever and being more vocal about what you are going through to your spouse or best friend will help them to understand you at least a little bit more. If you don’t have other pregnant women to talk to, go join a forum online or find a pregnancy group in your town/city. Maybe try pregnancy yoga, or take a class.
  3. Braxton Hick’s contractions a constant? First, be sure they are false contractions and not labor (an easy way to tell is labor is painful/regular/and gets worse with time). To help ease Braxton Hick’s, change positions, drink a lot of water, don’t overeat (that really sets them off for me), try to relax by doing something that takes your mind off of them like watching a movie or reading. If your baby is being particularly active or if you have to pee this can also cause a false contraction, just remain calm and reassured that these false contractions aren’t dangerous and are quite normal. What do these feel like? A tightening and releasing of the uterine muscles (you can actually feel them tighten with your hand).
  4. Heart palpitations! I have always had these off and on before pregnancy, now It seems they can be worsened due to my increased blood volume and the extra heart strain in general. Keep an eye on them, if they get worse or are followed by other symptoms call your doctor. Otherwise, try to eat right (don’t lay down right after eating), avoid caffeine at all costs! move around/change position. Drink a glass of cold water, and do some relaxing meditations to calm yourself (stress can trigger these). What do they feel like? heart flutters and an overall faster heartbeat.

Eating right, having a good sleep/exercise schedule, and a good support group will help you through this difficult time. But I can’t stress enough the importance of drawing close to God, the one who understands you fully and what you are going through. I find peace in leaning on Him, reading His word when I’m afraid, and listening to worship music to ease my worries and emotions. Pray and surrender it all to Him, the only one who holds you and your child in His arms. With Him, you can do anything!! (Philippians 4:13)




20 weeks!


As of yesterday, I am now 20 weeks into my pregnancy (this picture is not exactly recent). I took this right before I even knew I was pregnant, a strange thing to look back on now, since it really wasn’t that long ago that my body was slim and entirely “my own.”

Another interesting thing to note was that I decided I wanted a shorter haircut around the time I became pregnant and I remember clearly that I wanted a more “motherly,” and older look. Why? People never believe that I’m 25 or that I’ve been married for over 5 years now, and in my heart, I knew that motherhood was the next big adventure awaiting me.

So at 20 weeks, I must say that I have changed as much as my body has. Perhaps it’s because, with each passing day, it all becomes more “real.” Only 20 weeks left and I will officially be holding a child in my arms, and not just in my heart.

Pregnancy so far has been interesting, and not overly challenging. I’ve had morning sickness pretty frequently during the first trimester, but only vomited a few times in all. My symptoms and doctor visits have all gone according to the book. No problems, healthy baby, normal bodily changes, and nothing to hint at an abnormal delivery.

I am thankful to God for this. And amazed at my own body’s abilities to cope with such changes, child-bearing is a natural bodily process after all. I find comfort in this when I encounter new symptoms or when my body continues to stretch and morph into someone I don’t quite recognize. It’s all worth it. And I knew what I signed up for when I wanted to be a mother even though personally I never experienced this. That is the joy of being surrounded by mothers is that they will gladly tell you all the things that pregnancy and labor entails…though I’ve discovered that those who had hard pregnancies and labors are the most vocal of the bunch.

The way I see it…God is with me and has the baby and my best interests at heart. All sin, including the fall of man, is covered in Christ’s sacrifice. To me that means the curse of painful child-bearing doesn’t have to be accepted today, it was a punishment for a sin that Christ died for.

I know, it may sound like a laughable dream of mine, but don’t all miracles sound laughable at first? I just see no reason in not trying to walk in the gifts Christ paid for today, we’ve got nothing to lose in trying and believing. It may, in fact, be necessary if we are to eventually activate these gifts…might as well test our faith now right?

Whether God gives me painless quick labor or not, I am still thankful to Him for this new life within me and I still choose to view that day as a celebration and a gift from a Good Father. Children are blessings. Amen?

Next Thursday is the big day that I find out the gender. I can’t wait to finally know! Perhaps once I know, a name will also present itself…hopefully I can discover the name that best fits our child and their amazing destiny in Christ.

Thank you all who have prayed and followed my pregnancy so far! And may God bless all you parents out there who have labored in love, I look up to you and honor you.



Pregnancy: 2nd Trimester

Planet Fitness

Forgive the bathroom picture, It’s quite difficult finding a large mirror with good lighting anywhere for pregnancy photos. I am officially 18 weeks which translates to the beginning of month 5.

If there are any expectant mothers reading, I highly recommend the website,Β What to Expect ,Β which is great for tracking baby growth and developmental milestones as well as giving mothers helpful information regarding weekly symptoms and open forums to calm any anxiety you may face. I’ve found the site strangely accurate, as each new week warrants new symptoms that line up with my own bodily changes.

The first trimester was difficult. Nausea was a daily and “nightly” occurrence as well as random cramping, back pain, and fatigue. Now I am happy to say that the nausea has subsided, only rearing it’s ugly head once in a blue moon. Like when I accidentally took my prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach, yuck!

My weight has been increasing steadily as well as my appetite at times. My doctor told me that I should gain half a pound a week now roughly, based on my starting weight of 127-130. In the last few weeks, I’ve jumped between 138-141. This is just my body, everyone else is sure to gain and carry their baby differently. As this is my first child, I’m sure my second will be different and so on…let your doctor tell you what is healthy and right for you, not others!

He did say that it is important to start cutting back on carbs. The baby and I are storing fat, in fact, we are storing everything we eat (it’s a survival instinct). I find it difficult to curb my desire to munch by eating carrots and bland foods over the more satisfyingly filling potatoes, fried foods, and pasta! Nevertheless, I also don’t want stretch marks or an 11-pound baby, so It is probably best to cut back on carbs/sugars whenever possible. A healthy grazing diet of veggies, proteins(meats), and some fruits will be just dandy. Try not to eat big meals (like I have lately with the holidays), it gives your body sugar spikes and it overall is very uncomfortable. Just eat 5 or more small meals or snacks a day, try protein-heavy meals in the evening so that you can sleep a full night before having to eat again.

So far, I haven’t felt the baby move, and my home stethoscope has yet to pick up a heartbeat amidst the other gurgling belly sounds. But those days are coming soon! And not only that, but the gender-revealing ultrasound which I’ve got scheduled for the 23rd this month. (Gender reveal pictures/blog will follow 😊).

Names have been tossed around and so far we like the name Evelyn for a girl and James for a boy, what do you think?

I could go into further details regarding symptoms but that would take some time, so I will just leave this post open to any questions you may have. I’m no expert but I’m happy to help in any way I can. Motherhood is rough, our bodies are no longer “ours”, and these rapid changes can be a bit unsettling at times (I find myself doing double-takes every time I pass a mirror). If my experience can help other expectant mothers out there than great! I admit that I could use the assurance and support as well, this is all new territory for me, I’ve charted the first few months, but there are more to come.

Thank you for reading! Until next time, my last advice is to do some light exercise (walking on a treadmill), and pregnancy stretches that will ultimately prepare you for childbirth. You will be grateful you took the time now to prepare for that day, I honestly believe that it doesn’t have to be a “horrible” experience. In fact, it may well just be the greatest day of your life, the day you meet your baby!

God bless you all!