A Mother’s Love


His first cry reached her heart

And love poured out to greet it

Did she know that someday soon

His cries of pain would break it? 


The tears she used to wipe away

When he would trip and fall

Now mixed with drops of blood

While others laugh and scoff


Oh how she must’ve smiled so

As he slept safe and warm

Now she cannot bear the sight

Of his body, broke and torn


She used to help him climb the steps

Now she helps him lift the cross

Knowing that this must be

But oh! how great the cost!


She loved him as a mother would

Her heart died on that cross

While all the memories flooded back

Of years that we know not


I do not think that we can know

How much she did give up

Until we walk in her shoes

With a baby in our arms


So thank you, mothers, all around

For your love reflects our God’s

That hopes, believes, endures all things

In children such as us…






The Flame


With each heartbeat, and breath intake

The flame did grow and dance

Reflecting in her brilliant eyes

Cascading light within a glance


The fire burned into the night

It’s eternal blaze unaltered

And in the light of its great warmth

Two souls did sleep unbothered


Oh how the years did seem to fly

So much had gone and passed

But the flame still burned so very bright

And swayed the lover’s dance


It’s golden light still illuminates

The dark and dusty room

Where two souls once embraced

Below a cold and winter moon


The flame you see is but a symbol

An embodiment of the heart

Come to life the moment when

True love finds it’s start


Is your flame of passion lit?

If so, how does it burn?

To find a love as true as theirs

Let’s hope it’s now our turn.




By Rachel Sullivan

I can see the promise

I can see the future

You’re the God of seasons

I’m just in the winter

If all I know of harvest

Is that it’s worth my patience

Then if You’re not done working

God, I’m not done waiting

You can see my promise 

Even in the winter

Cause You’re the God of greatness

Even in a manger

For all I know of seasons

Is that You take Your time

You could have saved us in a second

Instead, you sent a child…

-Written December 2, 2017

I Fold My Hands


I fold my hands

when trouble comes

and darkness blocks my way

because I believe

His glory shines

brightest in the rain


I fold my hands

when I am scared

I know His words are true

that no matter how the storm appears

what can it really do?


I fold my hands

when I am sad

no tear escapes His view

and every time He lifts me up

I know…

all I need is you


Lately, I’ve been going through a lot of stress. But I realized during prayer at church, how easy it is to still fold my hands and pray. How easy, yet also, how necessary. Prayer is more than what we do, it’s a part of who we are. It connects us to what really matters. God is our anchor and He has the final say no matter what we are going through. That is why I will always fold my hands, because God is bigger than anything we may encounter in this life, He understands and He has an answer. Just never stop praying, never stop hoping, and never stop believing…God is Good.



My Lucy

my lucy


Lucy, Lucy where are you going?

Called the great Aslan to me

I turned in delight at His glorious sight

And He smiled back at me.

Aslan! Aslan! I’ve been looking for you

Following your paw prints, you see?

I pointed and placed my hand  in His mane

And He wrapped His paws around me

Lucy, my Lucy, I’ve never left you

My footsteps appeared by your feet

I turned and I noticed for the very first time

His paws walked in stride beside me

Aslan, O Aslan, how did I forget?

It’s a great and terrible thing!

I knelt and I wept but my tears never fell

For with one lick, my face was clean

Lucy, dear Lucy, why are you crying?

I hold no anger towards thee

He laughed and He danced

And Narnia joined in

As we played and splashed by the sea

Aslan! Great Aslan! I love you so

“I know,” He replied to me

Lucy, my Lucy, remember this

You love because I first loved thee.



When Aslan Calls


When Aslan calls 

No beast or man

Can turn their face away

It awakens something in them

And they know they must obey

To ignore the call would hurt them

A spiritual decay

For what can we hope to gain alone

Without Aslan to lead the way

His call stirs up courage

We remember who we are

His roar is like a rushing wind

unvieling every heart

Though full of love and mercy

To our enemy His roar is fierce

There’s nothing tame about Him

He’s a lion to be feared

But to His Sons and Daughters

He’s as gentle as He’s kind

His goodness overflows

His love it never dies

And beauty wraps around Him

In a mane like pure fire

Causing every knee to bow

And heart to come alive

When Aslan calls

This truth rings out;

Victory has arrived.

The Hammer

hammer and nails

What is love?
I hardly know
And I have lived
some time ago

As it happens
I saw a man
He staggered past
On bloodied sand

He wore a crown
of twisted thorns
And drug a cross
As people scorned

I didn’t know
That this was love
Poured out freely
From above

I followed Him
Amidst the crowd
Despite His pain
He wasn’t proud

He turned and looked
At every face
A familiar expression
I couldn’t place

And soon He made it
Up the hill
On His feet
He labored still

Until they pushed Him
To the ground
On that cross
He soon was bound

And it was then
I began to weep
Amidst it all
I couldn’t speak

I felt a love
So far and deep
With each pained cry
And hammer sweep

The sound I never
Will forget
As they nailed
His feet and wrists

And lifted He
Upon that cross
For all to see
For all to watch

Until the earth
Did shake and shout
And God himself
Came storming down

And as the chaos
So ensued
The veil was torn
As if in two

And so that’s how
The story went
But I can’t say
That’s all of it

In three days time
As you all know
Love came back
And took His throne

From that day on
I have believed
His love had changed

And in those moments
I fail to see
The swing of the hammer
Comes back to me

Reminding me
Of that day
A man named Jesus
Crossed my way

What is love?
Now I know
My life began
Some time ago



old man by the sea

I grew up in a quiet town, off the coast aways. As time went on I came to know each and every face. Mr. Bete, the florist, who loved to sweep and gape, at every new visitor that came from out of state. And on a hill not far from home, lived a rich man and his wife, they kept their noses turned straight up at neighbors passing by. My school which had seen better days still seemed to come alive, and as the final bell did ring out ran the hungry tide. Those days all seem so long ago, each face has left or died. But this town still sits on timeless sand, forever intertwined.

Now I am far much older, closer to the end. Though the school bell still keeps ringing just as the clock ticks on my stand. Mr. Bete Jr. now is the florist hand, gaping like his father, at every passing man. The rich man and his wife, both died as did their wealth. The home is now in shambles, with not a penny on a shelf. Their faces still swim past my eyes, like ghosts that will not sleep. To truly live on in memories is really quite a feat. Maybe this is legacy, or I am too old to think. But it seems that though time passes by, in forever’s wake we’ll keep. As long as there are those alive, we live in memories.

Forever doesn’t hold a grudge, it remembers everything. The ugly and the beautiful, the happiness and grief. The shells by the ocean’s edge, the whisper in the trees. The laughter of an unknowing boy, at the age of 3. That is my story, as I have lived it, there is no mystery. My name is Walter Billingsley, and I’m now 83. I feel like I have lived forever, or have I lived at all? As I watch the tide recede, with my trusted dog, I cannot help but think, why are we here at all? There must be rhyme or reason, a rise after the fall, a purpose for every season, or forever makes no sense at all.






In life there are seasons

Moments that change

Clouds that uncover

The suns shining gaze

Flowers that bloom

After days of rain

Life after death

A lesson to save

Though trials may come

The Lord made a way

Just like the spring

He restores everything

There’s nothing to fear

And much to hold dear

As the winter departs

We make a new start

Cultivating this beauty

co-laboring in love

Listening to God

Through the call of a dove

Spring is His promise

That whatever may come


And I am Loved



Just for You

Jesus and child

Just for You
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
I’d come running when you fall
Wipe your every tear
Hold you in my arms
Fight away the fear.

I’d face the hardest trials
To simply know your heart
Your name is My Beloved
We are never far apart
I pray for you unceasingly
Sing many lullabies
Remind you what I see
When I look into your eyes
There’s no mountain
And no valley that
Is too tall or wide
I’d fight your every battle
And would gladly give my life…


Happy Valentine’s Day