Fairy Tales

Florida vaca 2012 030

We grew up reading and watching their stories, over and over we fell into their world and discovered that it isn’t so different from our own. Fairy tales, though impossible to many who have lost their sense of wonder, are in fact, portals into our very hearts. What we love, what we hate, and what we fear..all brought to the surface and given names. Why? to remind ourselves that good always wins, every dragon can be killed, happy endings are in store for everyone who believes, and hope still exists. We see ourselves when we enter their world, a world we created after all. Every world reflects its creator, including our own, which is a fairy tale brought to life by the spoken word of God. He is the ultimate creator and writer of our story, which is still in its beginning pages. In this world we live just as our fairy tale heroes whom we created for a reason. They reflect our inner most longings to be great and to be loved.

It seems most, if not all, fairy tales involve love. Love is our ideal happy ending because whether we deny it or not, it is what we need most. We were formed by love and rescued by the greatest love of all, the love of God. Which brings me to another point; love requires sacrifice. We see these “sacrifices” in the noble knight, risking his life to save the princess from a fire-breathing dragon, or in the young beauty, giving up her life and reputation, because she fell in love with the beast. Love always comes with a price. Jesus paid the greatest price of all, and in doing so, he defeated death and ensured our happily ever after. There is no villain that can rob us of that gift; however, satan holds one last weapon he can use against us, that being deceit. He may not be able to rob us outright of our identity and inheritance, but he can deceive us into disbelief in who we are and whose we are. He can rob us of hope, and in doing so, fairy tales remain just that…fairy tales, and we rob ourselves of what has been given freely to us, eternal life. We receive only what we think we deserve, and miss out on eternity.

That is why it is no wonder Jesus called us to be like little children in this, that we would believe all things are possible, that our God doesn’t fit into the box of our understanding. He is larger than us and our thinking, and yet he speaks to us as a father and friend. The great enemy satan has been defeated, the power and authority he once had are now in our hands. We are the heroes following after our Savior and God. It is the greatest story ever told, and it’s only just beginning. A fairy tale brought to life.


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