Cut’n Dry

We live in a world full of compromises and concessions. Too many of us are afraid to put the foot down on what the Bible says vs. what the world is trying to make it say. The era of cut’n dry truth has been muddied to the extent that even Christians (a.k.a little Christs) don’t agree on it.

All in the name of…progression.

My question to them is this, what exactly do they hope to “progress” into? And is it really their own idea, under their control? Or are they just spiraling out of control, with the devil spinning the wheel?

For example: I’ve heard the term “brainwashed” and “deceived” repeated almost like a broken record by our divided country. We are stuck pointing fingers and demanding equality, but can any society have that which it denies?

Without the moral foundation of the Word of God and, equally important, the love of God, our eyes shift from Him to our fallible selves. Suddenly God is “us” and we have seen what chaos that ensues.

Satan has a field day when we say to ourselves, “who needs God?”

As Christians we are not called to progress into madness alongside the world, but to stand apart, and quite frankly, be hated by the world (Matthew 10:22). A church that is beloved by all unsettles me in today’s culture. A church that has dissected truth, using cookie cutters to make it exactly what they want, gravely forget the warning of God at the end of Revelations and what it means to be a follower of God.

They made the truth fuzzy and warm, easy on the ears. Since when is truth easy? I love truth, but my experience has been that it is solid, cold, and unbending…not what the fallen man wants to hear but what he needs to survive. It’s the pill that’s hard to swallow but as necessary as oxygen itself. It is our grounding to reality and the reality of God. Of good and evil, both in the world and in our hearts.

The church’s job was to shepherd the world, like a parent. Not become the world’s best friend. Does that approach ever work when raising children? Sparing discipline is hatred toward your children! (Proverbs 13:24)

Sparing the hard truth is hatred toward the world!

The truth is, there is a hell. And many will live out eternity there. Doesn’t that scare you? To know that you are missing the opportunity to save those that you love because you fear man and his rejection?

One saved life is worth the following persecution of one hundred.

We need to stand firm and reassert the Word of God into every fiber of our being. If someone asks you what you believe it will be as simple as pointing to the Bible, the whole thing, and not just a few verses.

You can’t be a Christian and believe in abortion or side with those who believe it. You can’t be a Christian and say that because God is love, all kinds of “love” must be from God. The devil creates nothing but warps everything God first created to be good and pure. You can’t be a Christian and hate your fellow man, love should be the driving force behind everything you do, not offense! Every evil act against man is an act against God, but He can take it and He will settle it.

My advice to you during these uncertain times is this. The Word of God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Read it. The whole thing, excluding nothing. Allow it to erase the worldly thinking and replace it with a Godly one. Make truth cut and dry, simple, again.

And then stand on it with everything you have, like a rock wall against the torrents pushing against you, trying to make you forget, blend, and “progress” into the devil’s hands.

It’s time we unite and remind the world that we’re unshakable, because of Christ in us, the hope of salvation which is free to anyone who says, yes!

My job, and ours is to remind the world that there is another way, another path, and that is Jesus. We are ambassadors from another kingdom after all. Represent Him well.

And do it all with love or it means nothing..(1 Corinthians 13)


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