Graduation Day


For the past 2 years, Aaron and I have been enrolled in the Columbus School of Supernatural Ministry, and now, this Sunday the 10th, we will be graduating. I must say, that if it wasn’t for this class, I wouldn’t have started a blog or even be where I am today spiritually. Most if not all that I have spoken about throughout my blog can be attributed to this school. They taught me about the Father’s heart, the spiritual gifts, and about how to hear God’s voice. I had gone most of my life believing in a silent God, believing that the spiritual gifts died with the apostles. I believed in a limited God, limited by my perceptions of Him. I had basic Biblical and cultural background knowledge of the Bible, but very little knowledge of God’s message to us today. The Bible is very relevant to our society. Its truth doesn’t change with the times, but remains, if anything, more tested and proven through the passage of time.

Before this school, I didn’t know how to hear God’s voice. Now, I know how to discern His voice from my own and I’ve even seen many things through visions that He has chosen to reveal to me. For one thing, I am sure of, the gifts didn’t die with the apostles, and there is no Biblical proof of those gifts being taken. They are specifically paid for by the blood of the cross for us always. We just have only scraped the surface on how to operate in them.

I’ve learned that there are levels of awareness of God’s presence, and in being aware I have experienced greater levels of that presence. I have witnessed and have gotten to take part in healings, have received and given prophetic words and words of knowledge to students that have been proven unexplainably true.

I will give a testimony of one of those words. I asked God for a word of knowledge for the lady in front of me, I won’t give names but she was a lady that I knew very little about. I saw a vision of a flute in a high school band room, the sound of kids in the background. I told her what I saw and asked her if she played flute In high school (the lady before me was in her late 30’s now), she immediately was amazed, “Yes! Oh my goodness! I loved playing the flute.” She wasn’t just being nice, we are taught in school to be honest, and this is just one of many testimonies that have happened in these 2 years.

I don’t know where you stand on this topic, but I want to tell you this. I understand what you are feeling. Before this school, I was uncertain about such things, I was even frightened…we fear what we don’t know or understand. And we hate what we think we understand based on what we have experienced or heard from others. This is what stands behind any racism, and unfortunately, this is what separates many brothers and sisters in Christ. Jesus, who for those who believe should stand united, regardless of difference in Biblical interpretations/beliefs. If Jesus is your Lord and Savior you are a brother, a sister, a mother…as Paul states in 1 Corinthians 1:10:

“I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment.”

I merely share my journey of discovery. God has been so good to me, to all of us. What if He is that good? What if He is more good than we realize, that He would test our boundaries of Him and say, “there is even more to me that you have yet to discover!” This school has opened my eyes to this single revelation, there is more. Jesus paid for more. It’s up to us to learn to walk in that more.

Thank you CSSM for changing my life. Thank you, God, for pointing the way and leading us to such a place as this for the sake of us growing in you and having more to pour out onto others.

We are all born for such a  time as this…


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