There is a tool for every job.

Some tools aren’t ideal for a specific task. I learned this the hard way when I started my business in repurposing antiques. Sometimes a hammer wouldn’t cut it, I needed a crowbar, or a drill bit was too small. I never imagined that I would need several different types of hand saws! Trips to Menards became a weekly venture. There is a tool for every job, and if you don’t have the right tool, your job can become that much harder, and sometimes impossible to accomplish.

Though I now know what tools I need to fix and build things in my shop, in my life I know that I still turn to the wrong tools to fix my problems.

The Bible is a toolbox full of every tool you will ever need, and yet how often do I utilize it? Can you imagine trying to fix a broken table with your bare hands, all the while a toolbox is sitting right beside you, untouched? It seems crazy and yet I am guilty of doing this quite often.

The point is, God created us to be dependant on Him and His Word. Our hands can only fix so much, God knew that we would need tools both in our physical lives and in our spiritual lives to get the job done and overcome obstacles.

There are even tools to combat demonic attacks such as anxiety or depression. I truly believe that anything that isn’t life-giving to the mind and body is from the enemy and that God has given us tools to combat every weapon satan has at his disposal. 2 Thessalonians 1:2 says,

“Our God gives you everything you need, and makes you everything you are to be.” 

Pretty straightforward, we have been given everything we need and God is shaping us, molding us into who we really are. Picasso was truly a great artist, and yet he needed a paintbrush. I’ve seen some amazing musicians in my time, and yet they all needed an instrument, a tool in which they could express their passion through. At work, I couldn’t do my job creating windows without tools and machines to assist me.

Even when we feel independant we are still dependant on something. That is by design, and the answer to our greatest needs can only be found in God. There isn’t a problem too great for Him, we can’t surprise Him with a new kind of problem. He’s never had to create a new tool just for you. Everything you need, everything your parents have needed, your grandparents, and great-grandparents etc. can be found in the pages of His Word.

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” -Ecclesiastes 1:9

Once I realized I needed a specific tool for a task in my shop, the problem wasn’t fixed by simply buying the tool I needed. I had to learn how to use that tool, and that took time, practice, and trust.

I had to trust in the tool, that it was what I needed and it was me that had to adapt, to learn to use it properly. We must do the same thing with spiritual tools. Just reading positive Bible verses isn’t enough to break you out of depression, or help you overcome doubt, you need to steward those words, speak them over your life, believe that they are the tools you need and that they have power. You must depend upon His Word like you depend on the air to breathe.

No more counterfeit tools, we need the real deal. Why fight the symptoms when we can find a cure? God has freely given us what we need, and His heart is that you would make use of what He has given.

How to begin? Well, it may look like me running to Menards to buy new tools, you may have to ask God to point you in the right direction, maybe ask a pastor about where you should start in His Word. Find out what tool you need and grasp it! And never settle, never be content with partial change, don’t just fix one leg of a broken table, restore the whole thing!

God bless you all






13 thoughts on “Tools

  1. G’day, and thanks for sharing.

    A great analogy for how we should trust God more. And amen to “no more counterfeit tools”

    Can I ask what bible version you used for the 2 Thessalonians 1:2 scripture?

    Peace to you

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    1. Amen! When I first was thinking of what to write for this topic, the verse Isaiah 2:4 came to mind, where he is talking about beating swords into plowshares. God was saying that they needed a new tool for a new era. The Bible is full of such analogies, thank you for sharing and God bless!

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  2. God Bless you Smileyriley94 for sharing. I personally had always been independent, and Jesus Christ knew this of me. It was something I picked up by listening to the world teaching. When I accepted Jesus in my heart and life, He showed me with His patient about His tools. ((Ask, Seek, Knock)). Depend on Him, and not on myself and those of this world. It does make a huge different in my life now. Open the Bible study His Words, pray and ask for understanding, and Wisdom. I enjoyed reading what you shared. Agape!! Shalom!! ((Hugs)) 🙂

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