Bill Johnson (March 15th Message)

Feeling stressed? Not sure how to combat the present evils? Has GermX and soap been your go-to more so than prayer? What’s the fine balance between being smart and being driven by fear? What are we, the church, called to do at this time? 

There are a lot of questions circling and a lot of directions the church is taking during this crisis. Bill Johnson, the pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California has a message that will answer all these questions and more.

I pray that God uses this message to awaken the church to this great opportunity to “Be” the answer to prayer for many. That a revival will be the outcome of what was originally an open attack from the enemy to sow death, pain, and ultimately fear.

As a pregnant mother, at this time I’ve faced a great deal of fear and not just my own. Many around me have sought to drag me along in this panic. The protection and divine presence of God that we easily trusted before has been put up for question among many of my brothers and sisters in Christ. We have reacted like the world instead of fulfilling our great call to be set apart from it.

There are many verses being taken at random and used during this time. Some are comforting, some feel rather empty, and others are taken so out of context that they simply do not apply to this present situation. Bill Johnson, however, preaches on Psalm 91, and I highly advise all of you to read and reread this verse whenever you feel fear take the throne seat of your heart.

To watch this sermon, start at 1:08:03 unless you wish to watch their amazing worship team and get the full Bethel experience.

May God bless you all ❤


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